Advantages of
Smart Public Lighting

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Sustainable lighting to extend access hours to public assets

With a huge increase in communities accessing public recreational spaces, SMART Public lighting is an environmentally friendly solution that requires no power from the grid and helps extend the hours community assets can be accessed which leads to less congestion.  

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Motion sensors triggering automatic lighting control prolonging system life

Using the most intelligent technology Leadsun’s lighting systems use adaptive lighting control which automatically dims lights to 30% during inactivity and prolongs battery life considerably.

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Modern design that provides safer and more inviting environments

Providing a modern lighting solution that looks great enables Local Governments to increase the value of their walking trails, shared pathways and car parks by providing a safer and more accessible environment for their communities.

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Fast project turn around times using EZYpole technology

Rapid installation is achieved  using our EZYpole concrete-less footing system which means lighting is installed and working in a quarter of the time it takes to install a live wired lighting system that relies on costly electricity from the grid.

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No costly trenching and underground cabling required

Smart Public Lighting is a stand alone, self-sufficient system that does not require any power from the grid, which means no disruptive underground wiring that is cost-prohibitive, time consuming and destructive to the surrounding environment.

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Own your light and the power

 Remove the utility company from the equation. Gain a self-reliant system with local control and no monthly costs.

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