What Makes LeadSun Solar Street Lights So Efficient?

Efficient Solar Street Lights

What Makes LeadSun Solar Street Lights So Efficient?

Sustainability is an absolute priority for local governments. To this end, Leadsun is proud to spearhead the SMART solar street lights initiative. Our solar street light technology is a great first step for a community adapting to a new era. Using energy-efficient technologies such as ours means a move towards sustainability. These moves will benefit current generations, as well as those that follow.

SMART stands for Sustainable, Modern, Adaptable, Robust, Technology. The following article will discuss the myriad benefits of Leadsun solar street lights. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll understand why SMART lights are so efficient.

Why Is Efficiency For Solar Street Lights Important?

Traditional street lights are a sustainability disaster. This fact is being accepted more and more by councils Australia-wide. Since the 1800s, we’ve used street lights that rely on trenched-in cabling. This has meant hefty long-term costs and significant limits on where we can place lights. Until now, street light system designs haven’t changed since the nineteenth century. That’s unacceptable.

Traditional street lights rely on the power grid. That means they contribute to carbon emissions. Carbon emissions are one of the single largest contributors to negative environmental impacts. This comes at a price, not only in financial terms but in terms of our own wellbeing. Not only our well-being either, but the well-being of our future generations. 

There are over two million serviced street lights in Australia. These 2.3 million streets are the largest source of emissions from local authorities. They also cost the taxpayer, on average, $125 million dollars per year. We cannot go on this way.

Energy-efficient solar street lights have been gaining favour all over the country. Awareness of social and environmental issues has spurred councils into action. Combine that with a growing awareness of the benefits of SMART solar lighting. You’ll see that it’s smart solar street lights‘ time to shine.

What Makes Leadsun Solar Street Lights So Efficient?

Leadsun solar street lights are SMART. You don’t need to connect them to the power grid to operate. They take energy from the sun by day and turn it into light by night. We use the best solar panels available and make sure we are always at the cutting edge of energy efficiency. This mindset keeps us leading the way, shaping the sustainability of entire neighbourhoods.

Leadsun Solar Street Light Installation

Our solar street lights can be installed using EZYpole concreteless footing system. Grid-powered lights need underground cabling. That whole process can wreak havoc on the environment around the light. It can harm landscapes, plant life, animals, and more. Not so with Leadsun. All we need is two tradies and a ute. Next thing you know, you have reliable, energy-efficient street lighting.

Our easy installation process means flexibility with solar street light placement. This translates to efficiency in the design process. There’s no need to muck around with cabling, digging, and specific, serial positioning. You can put your lights wherever you want them – provided there is access to ample sunlight. 

Leadsun Solar Street Light Reliability

What’s more, if one solar street light does happen to fail, it won’t knock out the whole lot. Each solar street light is self-reliant. A blackout or brownout of the power grid won’t have an effect. Leadsun solar street lights are as dependable and reliable as you can get, no matter the weather. You could even throw a blanket over one of the solar panels and it will still operate for a few days.

This is thanks in part to Leadsun’s unique, innovative battery system. Our batteries are built differently. You may be aware that your typical lithium-ion battery has a finite number of cycles in its lifetime. Our patented double-battery system uses an innovative algorithm to double that number of cycles. The algorithm switches between the two batteries to protect both. Neither battery charges to full capacity, nor discharges to empty. They both get deep, deep cycles.  

Leadsun Solar Street Light Management

The other major technology that contributes to Leadsun’s efficiency is our adaptive lighting. By using passive infrared (PIR), we can program our lights to track movement. When there’s no one around, our solar street lights can operate at 20 or 30% brightness. When they detect an oncoming pedestrian, the light output can go back to 100%. You can imagine what a saving that can make to the energy efficiency of the solar battery.

The brightness of the solar street lights is up to you. With our EDGE wireless monitoring and control system, you can manage every one of your lights. It’s as simple as logging in via a tablet, phone, or PC using secure credentials. No need to visit site on the off chance that something goes wrong. That’s another bit of time efficiency for you.

Get in touch with a Leadsun representative to discuss the many ways that our solar street lights can improve your council’s energy efficiency.