What is SMART solar street lighting and how is it transforming communities across Australia?

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important priority for local governments, initiatives such as SMART solar street lighting helps communities to adapt new technologies that support the sustainability of existing and future generations. 

The negative impacts of traditional street lighting is becoming increasingly acknowledged by governments and councils across Australia. Our cities have relied on street lighting designed and built in the 19th Century, with costly underground cabling, long-term expenses, and with limited positioning. 

Street lights powered from the grid contribute to high levels of public carbon emissions, impacting environmental wellbeing, at an increasingly high price. In Australia, there are 2.3 million serviced street lights, amounting to an estimated annual cost of $125 million taxpayer expenditure. 

“The amount of emissions caused by electrical street lights in local communities 

lies between 30 to 60 percent, between regional or metropolitan areas.”

 – Lead Designer at LeadSun Australia, Matthew Jones 

The movement towards energy efficient solar street light alternatives has been gaining greater traction across governments and local councils as awareness of the overall social, environmental and economic advantages of smart solar lighting grows. 

What is SMART solar street lighting? 


SMART solar street lighting is the environmentally friendly solution that requires no power from the grid. SMART solar street lighting transforms energy from the sun with the most advanced solar panel technology available on the market. LeadSun smart solar street lighting is powered by renewable energy sources and is at the forefront of energy efficient practices transforming community spaces at large.

LeadSun Smart Solar Lighting is installed using EZYpole concrete-less footing system, unlike electrically-powered solar lights, this system requires no underground cabling that results in zero destruction to the surrounding environment. 


SMART solar lights add to the appeal of modern community spaces with their streamlined design. Walking trails, shared pathways and car parks are more inviting and accessible encouraging greater activity in shared community spaces. 

Electrically powered street lights require extensive underground cabling and can only be positioned in certain areas. Solar pathway lights are easy-to-install and can be positioned flexibly on both sides of the street.  

With advanced remote control technology and off-site wireless control, smart solar street lights can be controlled, monitored and configured from anywhere in the world. 


Whereas electric-powered street lights require constant and costly power from the grid, solar power street lights can be installed and operated where power is not available. 

The installation process of solar street lights is fast and efficient, taking only a quarter of the usual time it takes to set up electrically powered street lights, significantly contributing to the lower cost, not only where maintaining solar lighting is concerned but throughout the entire installation process. 


Community wide power blackouts turn cities and suburbs to dark. Solar power lights are the most reliable solar power lighting available and are dependable through electricity blackouts and brownouts.


LeadSun SMART solar power lights have been designed using advanced innovation technology that intelligently responds to movement in the surrounding environment. Adaptive lighting technology has come a long way, motion sensors installed in smart solar lights automatically dims light to 30% when no activity is detected, saving battery life while ensuring no excess solar powered lighting is used. 

Community benefits of LeadSun solar street lighting:

Easy installation with no monthly costs 

Fast and non-destructive installation system with with no monthly costs

Wi-fi Control

Inbuilt with an advanced wifi system that can be controlled easily from any device


Electrically powered street lights often require disruptive underground wiring that is costly, time consuming and destructive to the surrounding environment

Long term environmentally friendly solution 

Long term environmentally friendly solution with continuous light powered by the sun 

Communities transformed by smart solar lighting: 

Paving the way forward for a sustainable future

Adopting new technologies with low environmental impact that provide sustainable solutions to everyday activities such as solar street lighting is increasingly becoming the norm as governments and local communities learn about the widespread benefits of adopting sustainable technologies. Smart solar street lighting is a stand alone, self-sufficient system that does not require any power from the grid, which means no disruptive underground wiring that is cost-prohibitive, time consuming and destructive to the surrounding environment.

Smart Public Lighting is a stand alone, self-sufficient system that does not require any power from the grid, which means no disruptive underground wiring that is cost-prohibitive, time consuming and destructive to the surrounding environment.