What is SMART public lighting

What is SMART public lighting

Public lighting is an essential part of life in our cities, and new smart technologies are being implemented across the board faster than ever. SMART public lighting is a part of this evolution and represents a catalyst for change and confidence in the future. It’s a sustainable lighting technology that adapts to its environment, is modern, and is always dependable.

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Environmentally friendly solutions that require no power from the grid

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Aesthetically pleasing innovative and technical functionality

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Can be installed
where power is
not available

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Dependable performance through electricity blackouts & brownouts

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Advanced innovation that intelligently reacts to it’s surrounding environment

As sustainable solution that harnesses the power of the sun to bring the light of day into the night for safer, more active communities.

Why SMART Public Lighting?

  1. Adjustable lighting control creating a safer environment
  2. Extending the hours of use of valuable community assets
  3. Fast turn around times as no underground cabling is required
  4. Cost effective as no disruptive or expensive trenching required
  5. Advanced battery technology that guarantees long life span
  6. Environmentally friendly and completely off the power grid
  7. No on-going power costs

Sustainable lighting for your communities most valuable assets

Shared Pathways

Car Parks

Recreation Reserves

Street Lighting

The Leadsun Difference


Leadsun’s Advanced Battery Management System​

At the heart of every Leadsun SMART public lighting solution is a new generation of Lithium LiFePO4 batteries that are controlled by our patented Advanced Battery Management System. This ground-breaking technology has been developed and proven over years of research, in the harshest environments. With nearly 300,000 systems deployed worldwide since 2008, we have proven case studies that our batteries provide DOUBLE the life expectancy of traditional lithium batteries.

To stand behind our brand promise of ALWAYS DEPENDABLE, Leadsun is excited to include a huge extension on our battery guarantee to all local government partnerships moving forward. This guaranteed technology will not only future proof community investments, but it also guarantees our commitment to a dependable, long-term term relationship.

This world first technology is only available from Leadsun

For more about our extended battery guarantee

Leadsun - always innovating, always moving forward, and always dependable

Our cities are being transformed with new technologies faster than ever, posing new challenges every day. That’s why Leadsun partners with municipalities across Australia to fully understand their needs and be the trusted advisor steering them into the future.

Leadsun applies the experience and expertise we’ve built distributing more than 20,000 light systems – as well as our world-class solar lighting engineering design and technology – to provide local authorities solutions and guidance they can depend on.