What Are SMART Solar Street Lights

What Are SMART Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are modern street lights that use solar energy for power generation. Compared to traditional street lights, solar lights are sustainable and energy-efficient. Therefore they can reduce your community’s energy costs and carbon emissions. Leadsun’s SMART solar street lights are easy to install and maintain, and will last for many years.

What makes SMART solar lighting different? 

Whilst it’s easy to think that solar street lights are simply street lights powered by solar power,  Leadsun’s SMART solar lights are completely different. SMART solar street lights are an innovative new type of solar street light that utilises market-leading technology to enhance their appeal over traditional solar street lights.

These lights can communicate with each other through LoRaWAN, and record their lighting and operational data. The solar panels on SMART lights are very efficient, and the batteries can store significant energy. One of the biggest benefits is that they can be controlled remotely. Another benefit is that they provide data that can be used to improve lighting conditions in the future. Finally, Leadsun SMART solar street lights have a slimline design and are much more aesthetically pleasing than regular solar street lights.

Smart solar street lights can be adapted using sensors. They turn on when someone is walking or cycling by and save on the energy output. This reduces light pollution and light trespass. The SMART lighting options from Leadsun are environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions for your community lighting needs. They provide a sense of safety and security to local residents and visitors. Some call smart street lights, adaptive street lights, because of how they adapt to the light needs from moment to moment, without much fuss or control from the human administrator of those lights.

Leadsun’s SMART solar lights are standalone and completely self-reliant. As these lights do not require power from the grid, this reduces the cost of powering and maintaining them. Installation is easy, with no disruption, no digging, and less labour overall. Solar street lights are an excellent solution anywhere, but are especially useful for lighting up footpaths, parks, rural roads, car parks, and other areas where grid-based lighting is difficult to connect.

Environmentally conscious lighting solutions should be considered when lighting outdoor spaces. Their easy, grid-free installation reduces damage to the local environment while the solar lighting lowers carbon emissions that would further damage our beautiful earth. 

Leadsun solar street lights are a SMART solar product, meaning:

  • S – sustainable
  • M – Modern
  • A – Autonomous
  • R – Robust and Reliable
  • T – Technologically advanced – smart city ready

Solar street lights are an excellent way to reduce your community’s carbon footprint while still providing high-quality lighting.

Enhancing Community Safety With Solar Street Lights 

Our company has supported many communities’ aims to maintain a safe environment after sunset in the face of continuous development. We serve local communities and councils and we understand the responsibility council members feel towards their local communities. That is why we have been chosen, time and again, to enhance the safety of Australian  communities and reinforce overall feelings of safety, security and community cohesion. 

Rapid urbanisation brought with it fast-changing lighting needs, however safety remains a pressing issue within neighbourhoods. Solar street lights are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly means of keeping streets lit after dark and enhancing safety within urban, suburban and rural areas, which is why their popularity will continue to grow. 

Contact us to find out how Leadsun’s SMART solar street lights can enhance the safety of your community.