Tyalgum believes in Microgrids

Tyalgum a small town located in Northern NSW believes its future is going right off the Power grid. With approximately 350 residences and 5 larger energy user businesses, the village motivated the community around the environmental and sustainable issues. 

Andrew Price saw an opportunity and opened an education centre in an old butter factory to teach locals about renewables. Andrew and his team developed a concept for community-owned power and founded the ‘Tyalgum Energy Project’. 

According to the Australian Energy Market Commission, residents can’t be taken off-grid unless they consent. It means that if a town wants to go Off-Grid it needs the approval of all the community. Tyalgum heavily invested in rooftop solar panels with most of its buildings feeding energy back into the power grid however the town aims to go totally independent.

For Tyalgum the best option is to use their own renewable power rather than grid-provided electricity still maintaining the grid connection to sell its surplus power back into the grid. But this is just the beginning since Price identified a local paddock to house its stand-alone MICROGRID system with consideration into a second location for redundancy and future town growth.

Watch:  The Australian town ditching the power companies and going off-grid

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