The four benefits of Solar Street Light Systems

Light with No Power

If you live in an area that is prone to blackouts and brownouts, the solar light systems provide you with the safety and security knowing that your lights will still function. Since they are not powered by the grid, if the electrical company has an issue, your lights will still operate just as they are supposed to. 

If your area is not affected with these issues, the benefits are similar since you can rely on knowing that no matter what is going on with the grid power in the area, your lights will still function. This provides additional safety and security.  

Lack of Electric Bills

These systems do not use electricity from the grid and therefore cost you nothing in monthly electric bills. Since the inception and popularity of LED fixtures, the maintenance on such systems has also reduced greatly. The system’s autonomy and simple maintenance schedule makes the batteries last longer and lower costs. 

By instaling Solar Street Light Systems and making some simple changes, based on your average sun insolation and usage, you can develop a NET Zero Project and eliminate the electric bill of your current lights. 

Easier Installation

Unlike the constraints of traditional grid-powered lighting where you have to use existing poles and infrastructure, or complete costly trenching to put the power where you need it. Solar Street Light Systems provide a much easier installation, where the lights can be located where it is required, without limitations.  

The easier installation lowers cost by allowing existing structure and areas to be undisturbed for installation. This is especially helpful in cases where grid power is far from the location of where the light is required or where the power lines are deteriorated and would need replacing. 

Light where you need it

The light can be placed exactly where it is required since solar-powered light systems can be installed in just about any location. If your lights are needed in a shady area, the solar power system can be installed up to 50′ to 100′ from the actual light so that the solar can be exposed to full sun while your light can be installed where it is needed. 

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