Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting

The sustainable solution for safe and intuitive street lighting

Street Lighting

Street Lighting

  • Huge economic advantage, with SMART public lighting needing no in-ground cabling or expensive work crews
  • Incredibly fast turn-around times and no disruption to the usability of an existing, functioning street
  • Increasing community and road safety of low lit streets 
  • Robust high powered systems with dependable performance
  • Providing solutions for:
    • Poorly lit streets with high traffic 
    • Streets where power is not available
    • Councils who are looking for a sustainable future

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Leadsun’s solar street lighting is the sustainable solution for enhanced, safer and more inviting community spaces. It is an intuitive, intelligent lighting solution powered by the energy of the sun with a wireless control system that allows you to configure it from anywhere in the world. Our advanced, sustainable solar street lighting technology enables you to create ambient community spaces with increased activity and engagement, bringing public places to life.

How does solar street lighting work?

Not only is solar street lighting off-grid, it conserves its own power by dimming down to 30% when no-one is around. This provides enough background light to ensure security and enough low light on accessways to maintain a sense of community, rather than isolating homes in darkness.
When any significant movement is detected – whether that be by a vehicle or a pedestrian entering the street – the unit switches to 100 percent output, giving enough light to identify hazards on the accessway and plenty of light to deter unwanted activity.
When zero activity is detected, the unit dims quickly. This ensures the accessway is not lit all night with an unnecessary level of light, conserving solar power and ensuring residents are not impacted by any unnecessary light during the night.

The benefits of solar street lighting:

3 points with explanations.

Intuitive solution for power conservation

Solar street lighting is an off-grid solution that conserves its own power by dimming down to 30% when no-one is around.

Cost-effective with a quick turnaround

Solar street lighting is an effective street lighting solution, with a quick installation turnaround and reduced labour and material costs.

Increased community safety and satisfaction 

With solar street lighting, residential areas experience greater safety and reliability. Not only is there increased safety, residents and councils are also saved the cost of hefty power bills and the intensive labour of running cables to light fittings.

See solar street lighting in action

Leadsun collaborates with Housing New Zealand

A recent project we completed with Housing New Zealand demonstrated just how significantly solar street lighting can transform a community space. Leadsun were tasked with the challenge to provide safe, sustainable, and cost-effective lighting for NZ’s most vulnerable housing communities. We felt passionate about this community project and put our all into developing and installing Leadsun solar street lighting across Auckland’s North Shore. We are so pleased to see these communities now experiencing the incredible benefits of solar street lighting.

See the case study here:

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Middle Arm Road solar street lighting project, Goulburn

The Goulburn Mulwaree Council identified that one of their popular roadways was inadequately lit and needed a reliable lighting solution. However, after looking into a grid-powered solution, they realised the cost to trench and cable would go over budget, so they needed a more cost-effective option.

See the case study here:

Solar street lighting FAQs:

As each project differs in size and design and application requirements, installation costs vary. However, because solar street lighting requires no underground cabling and expensive machinery, installation costs are generally around a quarter of a grid-powered lighting equivalent.

Solar street lighting still charges on a cloudy day, however because clouds diffuse the strength of the sunlight, the charge at that time is less. However, Leadsun systems are sized appropriately to ensure the solar-panel-to-battery ratio can provide at least 3 days of battery autonomy, to maintain minimum lighting levels within the application at all times.

LED lights are 30–50% more efficient than most traditional streetlights.