Case Study – Braybrook Community Centre

Product – AE6 Series | Description – 20w/30w LED Light Head, 120w Solar Panel Solar Panel

The Maribyrnong City Council undertook the re-development of the Braybrook Community Centre that is also connected to the Skinner Recreation Reserve as part of the ‘Revitalising Braybrook’ initiative. As part of the newly developed Community Centre, council also elected to incorporate Environmental Sustainable Design elements into the overall project that included the lighting of existing car parks and pathways surrounding the entire reserve.

The Skinner Reserve precinct is a popular walking route from local schools and shops and is heavily used by young people as well as local residents; A lighting scheme was designed to improve safety and perceptions of safety immediately around the hub and to also encourage physical activity during early morning’s and evenings. After an extensive tendering process, Leadsun’s range of AE6 series solar lights was eventually nominated to be used to illuminate pathways and car parks within the reserve.

A total of 40 solar lighting systems featuring a 120W ‘All In One’ solar engine and combination of 20W & 30W LED lightheads were installed throughout the reserve’s pathways and carparks that provide high output ‘Asymmetrical’ illumination; The design was also able to achieve pole spacings of up to 35 metres apart. The installation of the solar lighting system’s was also non-disruptive in many ways as well, a concrete-less footing system called ‘EZYfoot’ was used that required no excavation or concrete.

An important consideration of the council was that the unnecessary illumination of pathways and carparks late in the evening that could possibly encourage ‘anti-social’ behaviour. Leadsun’s range of solar powered lighting products feature dimming and motion sensor technology that allows the lights to automatically ‘dim’ or ‘turn-off’ at a pre determined time of the evening as nominated by the council.

The solar lighting project was successfully completed with lighting levels throughout the park high enough to ensure that all pathways and car park areas are safe for the public to use at night without the fear of crime.