Case Study – Sydney Cricket Ground Trust

Product – AE5/6 Series | Description – 40w LED Light head, 200w Solar Panel

When the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust (SCGT) began to look for lighting alternatives for there defunct mains powered car park lighting system, solar powered LED lighting was top of mind. The central car park is used by several key sporting organisations such as the Sydney Swans, Sydney Roosters, Sydney United and Waratah’s football clubs which gave the SCGT the perfect opportunity to showcase its continued movement towards renewable energy alternatives.

With the help of Leadsun Australia, the AE5 ‘All In One’ solar LED lighting system was proposed as the installation would represent the first LED solar site lighting installation at the establishment. The key deciding factors were performance, reliability, ease or retrofitting onto existing footings and appearance of the chosen system.

Leadsun’s AE5 & AE6 solar lighting systems provided a sleek and elegantly appearing solution compared to conventional ‘bulky’ looking solar lighting systems and did not require any trenching of underground electrical cabling throughout the asphalted areas.

Additionally, the LED fixtures will virtually eliminate lamp replacements at the site. When combined with the solar-powered technology of the lights, the LED fixtures will also allow the SCGT to significantly reduce maintenance costs for their external lighting.

The solar lighting project carried out by Leadsun was not only a cost-effective solution, but also enabled the SCGT to demonstrate their commitment to promote sustainability to the public as well as key stakeholders of the facility.