Lighting Australia’s Premier Tennis Event

Leadsun started 2017 undertaking a very unique installation at Australia’s largest International Tennis Event. This project came about after the event were looking for a green friendly approach to public lighting and how they could eliminate the use of HID lamps, switchboards and running cables through public areas. The alternative was to use standalone smart solar powered LED lights that could be easily installed and retrofitted to existing structures.

The lightweight, neat finish of the AE2 Series was the model best suited for the application, the Split model with dual luminaires was used to illuminate the main walkway linking Hisense and Rod Laver Arenas and the All In One™ model used for back of house areas and smaller walkways. There were 20 systems used in total and event co-ordinators were pleased of the lighting levels provided all through the night and the unobtrusive appearance of the system particularly down the busy centre walkway.

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