Solar Home Package Program

The Victorian Government started the Solar Home Package program that provides a 50 per cent rebate on the cost of a solar PV system or solar hot water, helping the Victorian households cut their electricity bills.

The government wants to make the solar panels more affordable and reduce the householders’ electricity bill. From the 19 August 2018 until 30 June 2019 households can apply for a rebate and receive a 50 per cent deduction on the cost of a solar PV system, up to a maximum of $2,225. By using the solar panels, the households can save $890 per year on their bills.

For the households that already installed solar panels or are not suitable, the Solar Hot Water system can be an option to reduce energy cost. The Victorian Government provides a $1,000 rebate for 6,000 households, saving them $160 to $400 per year on their bills from solar hot water.

Installing a solar panel system or a Solar Hot Water can help households to reduce energy costs, attack the increase of the costly grid energy and provides environmental benefits.

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