Solar Car Park Lighting

Solar car park lighting

The safe and sustainable lighting solution for community car parks of any size

With every sporting facility, train station, public park, shopping centre or other public spaces, there is always a connecting car park. And it goes without saying that these spaces need to be adequately lit for visibility and safety.

Leadsun’s SMART solar car park lighting solution has a concrete-less footing system, which means installation is achieved in a quarter of the time it takes to install grid-powered car park lighting. And there are no ongoing power bills.

Leadsun guarantees the performance of our solar car park lights through:

✅  Extended 10-year battery guarantee for qualifying local government projects.

✅  Fast installation times, with solar cark park lighting needing no trenching or power cables

✅  Complimentary on-site lighting compliance audit 

✅  Complimentary tailored Isolux plot lighting design

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What our clients say

“The solar lighting project was successfully completed with lighting levels throughout the park high enough to ensure that all pathways and car park areas are safe for the public to use at night without the fear of crime.”

Maribyrnong City Council

Skinner Reserve Precinct

Council’s use of sustainable energy options reflects community expectations. There is an increasing awareness that we can all do our bit to reduce carbon emissions across a broad range of smaller scale projects and in our individual lives. Along with many Goulburn residents, I enjoy running this track early in the morning or later in the afternoon. The lights will be a great addition to the course, particularly in winter.

Wollondilly River Shared Pathway

Local Federal Member, Angus Taylor (Minister for Energy)

“The team at Leadsun delivered an urgent quote and followed through with the completed project in a timely and professional manner with quality components. I found Leadsun trustworthy and thorough and the end result was everything we hoped for and some. The whole community are loving the lights along the trail, it’s so great, it truly is!”

The Bass Coast Council

Rail Trail Illumination Project

“The increased lighting is a very welcome addition to this popular walkway and I know locals are looking forward to feeling safer when walking along the path at night.”

Snowy Monaro Regional Council

Cooma Creek Shared Pathway

Optional EDGE Wireless Technology

Remotely monitor and configure your lighting control, manage battery consumption and detect failure warnings from anywhere in the world. Other features include an energy saving working mode function switch and real time GPS maps to name a few. 

Solar car park lighting

Leadsun’s solar car park lighting is a sustainable solution for safer and more inviting community car parks. It is an intuitive, intelligent lighting solution powered by the sun’s energy, with a wireless control system that allows you to configure it from anywhere in the world. Our advanced, sustainable solar car park lighting technology enables you to create safer and more secure public car park spaces for your community – quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

Leadsun’s solar car park lighting is great for:

  • Car parks connected to recreational facilities
  • Public transport hub car parks
  • Council parking areas

How does solar car park lighting work?

Solar car park lighting is your SMART solar lighting solution. It is:

  • Sustainable: An environmentally friendly solution that requires no power from the grid.
  • Modern: Aesthetically pleasing, innovative technical functionality.
  • Adaptable: Can be installed where power is not available.
  • Robust: Dependable performance through electricity blackouts and brownouts.
  • Technology: Advanced technology that intelligently reacts to its surrounding environment.

Leadsun’s solar car park lighting has remote wireless web-based control that allows you to monitor and configure the system from anywhere in the world with secure login credentials.

The benefits of solar car park lighting:

Cost-effective solution for power conservation 
Our intelligent solar car park lighting offers huge economic savings, with no in-ground cabling or expensive work crews required for installation.

Enhanced community security and activity
Solar car park lighting creates a safer, more inviting environment, increasing the possible usage times of a car park.

Increased community safety and satisfaction
Leadsun’s solar car park lighting enables you to create well-lit, more inviting car parks that can open for extended hours, increasing community satisfaction and safety. Our lights also come equipped with high-powered, adjustable light settings for low-use times, providing you significant energy cost savings.

Solar car park lighting FAQs:

As there is no electricity work to factor in, or underground cabling required, a solar car park lighting system can be installed significantly faster than the grid-powered lighting equivalent. As a comparison, traditional grid-powered lighting for a 1 km pedestrian pathway with P2/P4 lighting compliance would take approximately 12 weeks to install, compared to just 2 weeks using solar car park lighting. That means huge time savings, but also, huge labour cost savings.

SMART solar car park lighting systems are essentially maintenance-free, only requiring periodic cleaning of the solar panel and optics. Plus, because the solar panels are made with self-cleaning glass and are angled to obtain the maximum cleaning effect of the rain, they often need no maintenance at all. Also, as they can be easily monitored with wireless technology, if anything does need attention, our lowerable pole technology makes it easy to access the technology at the top of the pole.

LED lights are 30–50% more efficient than most traditional car park lights.

Benefits include:

  • Huge economic advantage, with SMART car park lighting needing no in-ground cabling or expensive work crews
  • Incredibly fast turn-around times and no disruption to the usability of an existing, functioning car park
  • Extended hours of use for community convenience, creating a safer and more inviting environment
  • High-powered, adjustable light settings for low-use times

Case Studies

See solar car park lighting in action

Seaford North Reserve car park

The City of Frankston responded to their community’s needs by providing a solar car park lighting solution for a busy car park at the Seaford North Reserve. The car park is used by local sporting clubs, commuters using the Seaford train station, and late evening dog-walkers.

See the project in action here 👉

Sydney Cricket Ground car park

After major disruptions to their three car parks due to upgrades and repairs to the existing grid-powered lighting, the SCGT needed an alternative solution that met with Australian standards, was sustainable for years to come and caused no environmental or user disruption.

See the project in action here 👉