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Smart City Ready

Set-and-forget with low maintenance design


Control & Monitoring

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Approved and Compliant

Environmentally responsible outdoor lighting

Introducing tomorrow’s urban lighting transforming today’s smart communities

Until now, our cities have relied on 19th century grid powered urban lighting systems. Due to extensive trenching and cabling, these systems are costly to install, costly to run and offer no flexibility for positioning.

Today with smart solar lights, there is FREEDOM:

  • Powered by the clean, limitless energy of the sun
  • Positive impact on environments they illuminate
  • SMART city ready 
  • Modern and stylish design to suit the surrounding environment
  • Flexibility for positioning on both sides of the street
  • EDGE wireless remote monitoring and control
  • Endless possibilities to connect a range of IoT devices
  • FREEDOM is ready to connect and scale accordingly

Download the product brochure below to learn how FREEDOM is revolutionising smart urban street lighting.

Case study: Epperson by Metro Places, Tampa Bay Florida

In 2018, Leadsun formed a landmark partnership with a leading USA property developer who has successfully installed over 1,000 wireless controlled and monitored FREEDOM solar streetlights throughout two master-planned communities in Florida, with many more to be installed in the coming years.


Wireless control & monitoring

  • Wireless connected SMART solar lighting systems
  • Long-range LoRaWAN bi-directional technology
  • Cellular gateway communicates between connected lights and cloud-based EDGE management system
  • Remotely configure the operation of each light
  • Real-time performance of battery and solar charging
  • Web-based access from anywhere, anytime

Learn more about EDGE by downloading the brochure below.


Want to see EDGE in action?
Contact us for access to a live demo of EDGE and we’ll send you the login details.


Extended-life 10-year battery performance

Our ingenious patented dual battery management system delivers double the life expectancy and greater efficiency than traditional lithium batteries. Talk to us about how we can provide a 10-year battery performance for your next qualifying project.

Our smart solar lights feature:

  • Patented advanced battery management
  • Only available from Leadsun
  • New generation of Lithium LiFePO4
  • Dual battery system
  • Best-in-class components
  • Assembled by our specialist technicians
  • Double the life expectancy of traditional battery technologies – Guaranteed

Learn how FREEDOM is revolutionising smart urban street lighting by downloading the product brochure below.

Dark Sky Compliant option for 3000K series

Leadsun promotes environmentally responsible outdoor lighting to minimise the light pollution often caused by traditional Electric street lighting networks throughout our cities.

The newly designed FREEDOM series solar street lighting LED fixture has ultra-sharp cut-off optics that significantly reduce lighting glare both to the rear and front sides of the streetlight. This eliminates the effects of sky-glow at night.

The FREEDOM series is offered in a 3000K and fully certified DARK SKY compliant fixture for residential development areas that want to minimise light pollution and obtrusive lighting
into residential properties.


Advantages of SMART Urban Lighting



Ultimate reliability from our robust, high-quality, proven technologies. Tried, tested and proven for over 15 years, Leadsun boasts over 300,000 installations worldwide including over 1,000 in Florida, master-planned communities.

Modern Icon


Sleek, stylish designs – The FREEDOM streetlight is purpose build for modern SMART communities with aesthetically pleasing features that enhance the streetscape.

Zero Icon


With such a low carbon footprint, FREEDOM streetlights are economical and environmentally friendly. With no ongoing energy bills, they are free to run and protect the asset owner from future energy price shocks.

Intelligent Icon


Every FREEDOM streetlight location can be logged into the Leadsun EDGE remote monitoring server that provides the owner readily available asset GPS location, model and serial numbers and system specification details.

Rapid Icon

Rapid & Scalable

Untethered from mains power and utilising innovative pole and lighting unit technologies, FREEDOM streetlights are quick and easy to install, requiring minimal labour to deliver
a flexible and cost-effective solution.

Adaptable Icon


Off-grid, flexible positioning along any part of the nature strip (both sides of the road) to accommodate driveways and trees. Plus best-in-class custom optics and motion-sensing adaptive lights provide flexibility to create compliant lighting.

Compliant Icon


With lighting performance to AS1158.3.1, Leadsun offers a complimentary and fully compliant lighting design. This ensures every street lighting project will provide optimal lighting performance with flexibility to position street lighting poles to suit all requirements.

Maintain Icon

Low Maintenance

With IP65 rated components, and a rugged IK08 impact protected housing, the FREEDOM smart urban light also consists of upgradeable and easy to access ‘plug & play’ components to ensure long lasting performance with only minimal maintenance required.

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