Engineering Design

Combining modern, world-class solar lighting engineering design with wireless SMART control technologies, Leadsun truly is at the forefront of the solar street lighting industry. Providing everything from development and manufacturing to innovative installation solutions, Leadsun offers clients a comprehensive, end-to-end solar lighting solution that includes full system design engineering support on all products. Currently holding international patents for our ‘All-In-One’ solar lighting technology, Leadsun are industry pioneers, proud to have helped revolutionise solar lighting from ‘simple lighting’ to ‘intelligent lighting’.

Lighting Design

The design, planning and analysis of street lighting is a complicated process that requires significant training. From LED luminaires and lighting spillages to pole height requirements and industry compliance standards, good solar street lighting design relies on an in-depth understanding of numerous influencing factors. Leadsun’s team of designers are experts in this complex field, and use the latest lighting software and simulations to render images from models and produce simulated light levels of each project.


Project Management

From the first visit to your site through to setting your wireless networking options for remote monitoring, Leadsun’s team of highly experienced technical and project-management experts will keep you informed throughout the entire delivery of your smart public lighting project, and beyond.

After Sales Care

There’s nothing better than finishing a project knowing you have changed the lives of a community. As smart public lighting specialists with a genuine commitment to superior after sales care and service, however, that’s not where Leadsun’s job ends.

In this world of rapid change and bottom lines, good service can sometimes be the victim of the next sale, but this is not the case when partnering with Leadsun. We will always be there with technical and mechanical support when you need it, well after your project is finalised.


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