See Solar

See Solar

In mid-2017 See Solar was founded after their already established partner company Signs You See had been researching, developing and supplying Solar Lighting for signage in remote areas.

See Solar is based in Parkes NSW in the Central West region of the state, west of the Blue Mountains. See Solar services the Central, Northern-Central, Riverina and Far West regions of NSW which is fast growing and is home to approximately 350,000 people. These areas are rich in natural resources with agriculture and mining significant drivers of growth.

During our early research, we discovered Leadsun Australia and their diverse range of Solar lighting products. After making contact then some lengthy discussions and negotiations with Matt and Walter, November 2017 saw our two companies sign an exclusive agreement that would allow See Solar distribute Leadsun products across our region.

We were instantly drawn to Leadsun’s professional look, diverse product range and cutting edge technology that was and still is leading the way in the industry. Considering Leadsun conduct their own research and development and play a big part in the manufacture and quality control of their products it made our decision to want to partner with them a “No Brainer”.

See Solar is slowly growing and has completed several projects in our region, with many more in the pipeline. Being involved in the growth of a relatively new industry has its challenges and is at times a tough slog, one of our main objectives is the education of the public to the capabilities and benefits of off-grid Solar Lighting. Access to Leadsun’s technology has allowed us to offer solutions and push the boundaries with what our customers thought was possible. I believe we owe our early success to offering unique product and opportunities within our region with a focus on offering a total, tailorable package, attention to detail and a sort after Local presence.

With the support of Leadsun and the relationship we currently share we are very confident of an exciting, prosperous and fulfilling future in the industry.

Rob Ehsman

Managing Owner

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