Convenient & Robust lighting for a variety of applications

Picnic Shelters
Murals & Billboards
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Link-Light is a convenient solar lighting solution for applications where the solar engine needs to be remotely located. It provides robust and reliable lighting for a variety of internal and external lighting applications using safe low-voltage DC power provided from discretely located solar engines.

Common applications include underpasses, BBQ shelters, car ports, canopy walkways, billboards, bus shelters and the uplighting of sculptures and trees. Link-Light is an optimum choice for applications where lighting needs to be sustainable, grid-free and aesthetically pleasing but where direct sun exposure is not available. 

All electronic components of the system are integrated in the mono-crystalline solar engine. They also house Leadsun’s  patented dual battery system that provides double the life expectancy compared to traditional solar batteries.

The programmable controller and smart-eye PIR motion sensor provides responsive and autonomous dimming of the LED throughout the night delivering high quality illumination where and when you need it the most.

Key features

  • Design: Modular with fully integrated components.
  • Configuration: Multiple linked luminaires available light distribution over long distances. 
  • Luminaire: Wide range of mounting options. 
  • LED Light Head: L3LL10-20S12, T2, 3000K, 10W (Alternatives available, if required)
  • Installation: Plug & play wiring. 
  • Control: EDGE wireless monitoring & controls
  • Adaptive: PIR Motion sensor
  • Power: Safe 12V DC power. 
  • Battery: Dual LiFePO4 with patented battery management system. 
  • Solar module: Wide range of Leadsun AE solar engine options. 
  • Optional: Protective cages. 


  • Underpasses
  • Pavilions
  • Public Toilets 
  • Signage – Billboards, wayfinding 
  • Shelters – BBQ, picnic, bus, car ports 
  • Uplights – Sculptures, trees, fountains

Projects featuring Link-Light