Wireless control, monitoring & asset tracking using EDGE

EDGE cloud based control
EDGE is a cloud-based wireless control system allowing you to monitor and assess the performance of your SMART solar lights in real time.

EDGE wireless control, monitoring and asset tracking provides easy, low-cost monitoring and management of wirelessly connected SMART solar street lighting systems; including lighting controls and battery and solar status.


Leadsun’s Internet of Things (IoT) LoRa solar street lighting system features proprietary wireless control & monitoring technology consisting of wireless node lights and a 4G cellular gateway light connected to a secure server. 

Users can easily and securely gain access to their lighting projects anywhere in the world to remotely configure the operation of each light, check real-time performance of battery levels, solar charging conditions & LED power output. This smart system makes street lighting asset management much more accessible and efficient to monitor. 

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EDGE secure web access

Secure web-based access

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Battery monitoring with EDGE

Real-time performance monitoring and solar charging

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Real-time, cloud-based, wireless control

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Each Leadsun smart solar light can be logged into EDGE including its GPS location – so the light can be displayed on a Google Map. Each light is displayed with colour codes to show its current status. 

Wireless monitoring

Model & serial numbers can be recorded and displayed in a tabulated form with icons showing the status of each light. 

EDGE can display each light’s battery capacity, each solar panel’s generation capability along with the real-time performance of battery charge and solar energy generation. 

This information can be used to identify and diagnose issues and adjustments that need to be made, all from the comfort of your office! 

EDGE cloud based control

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