Leadsun’s AE6 ‘Ultron’ series incorporates light-weight and powerful Lithium batteries conveniently located under the matching black colored bi-facial solar panel and aluminum frame. The ‘All-In-One solar engine easily attaches to the top of a round pole without need for any further external wiring.

The AE6 series is extremely versatile and suited for a wide range of lighting and power applications providing outstanding performance and operational reliability. The All-In-One model uniquely incorporates an LED adjustable modules at one end of the solar engine that provides maximum installation flexibility and a Best-Fit solar lighting solution.




  • Coastal Areas & Jetties
  • Car Park & Perimiter Lighting
  • Security & Entrance Lighting
  • Signage & Billboard Lighting
  • Construction Sites
  • Rural & Remote
  • Area Lighting
  • Mining & Industrial Sites