AE2 Product

Compact lighting for smaller areas

Featuring solar power ranging from 15 to 30W with a battery capacity of up to 154Wh. The AE2 series is perfect for smaller lighting applications such as pedestrian pathways, building entrance & shelter areas. Mono-crystalline PV modules optimise solar energy capture and a Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) smart-controller enables smooth and responsive dimming via activation of the built-in motion-sensor. Added to this, the pre- programmed LED power output enables the use of smaller solar panels and batteries whilst still providing ample light when required. The solar module integrates all the key electronic components including an innovative dual LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery system that withstands frequent charging & discharging cycles, delivering sustained and reliable power throughout the night. Best-in-class LED chips ensure bright and crisp illumination for up to 15 years.

This is a set-and-forget stand-alone solution.

Leadsun’s AE2 series is wholly modular, making maintenance and upgrading quick, easy and affordable. Combine it with a lowerable pole, and installation becomes a two-man job done in a matter of minutes.6

Solar module power output (W)
LED output (W)
Lithium battery capacity (Wh)
2 x 41Wh (82Wh)
2 x 82Wh (164Wh)
5 years
5 years
Shared Pathways
Walking Tracks & Trails
Building Entrances
Cycling Tracks
Shelter Areas
Outdoor Gyms
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Lithium-Ion Battery System

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Monocrystalline Solar Module

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Advanced LED Lighting System

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5 Year

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AE2 matching lowerable pole: EZYlift

EZYLift is a lowerable pole that provides fast and safe installation for light duty applications. The pole utilises a cleverly designed lowerable base plate design with a removable hinge pin, it is easily raised by walking it up to a vertical position then fixing the 2 plates together with unique security bolts.

  • Suitable for all industrial and public access areas
  • Tilting of pole can usually be carried out by a single operator
  • Hinged base plate design does not require any other equipment to assist lowering or raising the pole
  • Constructed in high tensile steel and hot dip galvanised after fabrication for durability
  • Optional Secure base cover prevents any unauthorised lowering of the pole

Projects using AE2 Series​