The AE2 series is the worlds very first and Leadsun’s 3rd generation ‘All in One’ solar lighting system that has been designed to offer extremely cost-effective illumination for a wide range of small to medium sized applications. Three different product versions (All-In-One / Split / Swivel) allows for various types of installations with the AE2 design principle is based upon ‘reliability’ & ‘ease of installation’ as all key components are integrated within the solar panel & light head.

The AE2 range is also intelligent by utilising a programable MPPT controller ensuring maximum efficiency and electrical conversion from the limitless power of the sun directly to the powerful and compact Lithium Iron battery system, additionally the light head features a built-in motion sensor called ‘Smart Eye’ that automatically regulates the light output brightness depending upon detection of movement around the light to preserve battery power.



  • Coastal Areas & Jetties
  • Car Park & Perimiter Lighting
  • Security & Entrance Lighting
  • Signage & Billboard Lighting
  • Construction Sites
  • Rural & Remote
  • Area Lighting
  • Mining & Industrial Sites