Pocket and dog park lighting

Pocket & Dog Park Lighting

Pocket park and dog park funding - Round 2 now open

Is lighting a consideration when planning your application for government funding?  

With a high rate of successful projects favouring applications that deliver innovative solutions and community safety, this is a great opportunity to implement SMART public lighting into your next pocket or dog park.

Not only will this extend the hours of usage for people who are busy during daylight hours, but it delivers an environmentally sustainable solution that will future proof your investment. 

Please send us your details if you’d like help with your funding application or you’d like to know more about SMART public lighting.

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    The Leadsun Difference

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    Established 2005 – Industry leader with 15 years delivering innovative, smart public lighting systems that have  revolutionised the industry.

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    Dependable Performance – Longer lasting lithium-ion batteries provide maximum performance, reliability and are proven to last well over 10 years.

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    After Sales Care – When we finish a project it doesn’t end there, we’ll ensure your lights are always on when it matters.

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    Fast Turn-key Service – SMART public solar lighting solutions that are easy to install mean disruption-free, incredibly fast project turnaround times.

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    Huge Cost Savings – SMART public lighting solutions that need no in-ground cabling or work crews, providing huge economic advantages.

    What is SMART Public Lighting?

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    Environmentally friendly solutions that require no power from the grid

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    Aesthetically pleasing innovative and technical functionality

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    Can be installed
    where power is
    not available

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    Dependable performance through electricity blackouts & brownouts

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    Advanced innovation that intelligently reacts to it’s surrounding environment

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