Pedestrian Crossing SMART Solar Lighting


Pedestrian Crossing SMART Solar Lighting

A well-considered pedestrian crossing design is important to support walkability by, for example, improving visibility, protecting pedestrians from collisions, and facilitating accessibility for vulnerable users. By doing so it empowers people to choose active transport and outdoor recreation – for some people this is their only option. Walkability has widespread social, economic, and environmental benefits.

Pedestrian crossing design features like raised platforms, signage, refuge islands and lighting help improve safety and walkability. Global research has found that lighting at pedestrian crossings has positive impacts on pedestrian safety. For example, an Italian study found that cars tend to slow down when approaching an illuminated pedestrian crossing, regardless of whether pedestrians were present.

Following are some examples of Australian councils sustainably lighting their pedestrian crossings with Leadsun SMART solar lighting.


Multi-purpose community and sport hub

New district-level sport and recreation facility in outer south-east Melbourne, James Bathe Reserve, has it all, including five solar lit pedestrian crossings. With a large volume of functions, including kids sport, pedestrian safety was a high priority, particularly during the evenings when mid-week sports are held.


Remote country highway crossing.

Heathcote is a rapidly growing country
township located approx. 110km north of Melbourne. The popular Melbourne to Bendigo thoroughfare has expanded with a new housing estate built within walking distance of the town centre. A pathway linking the two crosses the 80km/h Northern Highway – unquestionably warranting a safely lit crossing. With no grid electricity in the area, Leadsun SMART solar lighting was a no-brainer.

(not pictured)


Cluster of crossings at popular junction.

A busy junction in the outer Sydney suburb of Campbelltown sought a lighting solution for a cluster of pedestrian crossings to improve safety for locals using the surrounding schools, churches, train, and shops. To avoid disruption to the heavily trafficked area and underground infrastructure, Leadsun’s grid-free SMART solar lighting offered a quick and easy solution, with a purpose-built luminaire meeting PX3 compliance and DGI metric.


Tropical tourist hot spot

Surrounded by the world’s oldest living rainforest, Kurunda in Far North Queensland attracts mountains of tourists each year. A lighting upgrade for the town centre, including a pedestrian crossing, roundabout and visitor centre concourse, was needed to ensure the safety of locals and holidaymakers alike. A robust solution that would withstand cyclonic conditions and comply with road standards was a prerequisite. Leadsun SMART solar lighting qualified while also providing a cost & time effective solution that aligned with the town’s environmentally sustainable ethos.