Case Study – Blue Lake, Mt Gambier

Product – AE2 Series | Description – 10w LED Light head, 40w Solar Panel

Blue Lake represents one of Australia’s most iconic and picturesque state parks’s located in Mt Gambier, South Australia; It is surrounded by a 3.6 kilometre access road and pathway and is a popular walking and running track for locals and tourists who enjoy the magnificent sights and views.

Over the years, the local council have had concerns that the full benefits of the Lake are not fully utilised due to the lack of lighting preventing usage of the park in the evening and limiting access of what is a ‘world class’ natural attraction.

City of Mount Gambier’s dilemma was the difficulty in providing reticulated powered lighting requiring underground electrical cabling throughout a heavily populated volcanic rock area, additionally the environmental disruption that would be caused by extensive excavation works would also significantly impact on the natural vegetation and wild life of the park. After much consultation, the council decided the most practical & viable solution would be to install a Solar Powered Lighting Solution. After an extensive tendering process, Leadsun Australia’s range of ‘AE2’ series solar lights was ultimately specified for the solar lighting project due to its proven system reliability, compact appearance and cost efficiency. A total of 92 systems were strategically installed around the lake providing sufficient and comfortable lighting levels throughout the entire 3.6Km pathway circuit.

Each system consists of a 40W ‘All-In-One’ Solar Engine that uses a ‘plug & play’ cable connect system to attach to a ‘asymmetrical’ LED light head that concentrates all lighting onto the pathway whilst minimising spill light at the front and rear of the fitting. The solar light systems are also installed on a lowerable pole system that allowed all installation works to be carried out at quickly and safely at ground level without the use of any elevated work platforms. Additionally, the complete lighting system features Leadsun’s unique and technically advanced ‘wireless system’ that allows all systems to be easily programmed to a specific working mode operation.


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