Microgrid Demonstration Initiative

The Victorian Government will contribute with $10 million in grant funding for the Microgrid Demonstration Initiative.

The initiative is a competitive grant program to support innovative microgrid demonstration projects in various locations of Victoria.

It will build business models to minimise energy utility costs and increase the creation of products, services and jobs that strengthen our transformation to a low carbon economy.

The initiative supports the development and implementation of microgrid demonstration projects as:

  • Ovida – Community Energy Hubs Project
  • Euroa Environment Group – Euroa Microgrid
  • Origin Energy – Virtual Power Plant (VPP)
  • SwitchDin – Birchip Cropping Group Microgrid Demonstration
  • Monash University – Microgrid Electricity Market Operator
  • Totally Renewable Yackandandah (TRY) – Sanatorium Road Microgrid Demonstration

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