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Meadowvale Retirement Village is owned and operated by ‘Lend Lease Retirement’ who acquired the property several years ago, the facility is located on the edge of the Dandenong Ranges and has over 250 units throughout. 

The village was constructed in the 1980’s and has had further developments and upgrades occur over time to accommodate more housing and facilities; The existing street & pathway lighting infrastructure throughout the village however has gradually broken down & deteriorated over time due to ongoing issues with the existing underground cabling. 

Lend Lease investigated and pursued all avenues to repair and replace sections of damaged underground cabling without success and over time these recurring issues continued to be not only costly to remedy but also extremely disruptive and unsafe to the residents living within the village. A decision was finally made to fully upgrade all of the existing underground wiring, poles and lights throughout the village to ensure a final solution and improve the lighting throughout the village. 

After an extensive review and consultations with NDY Lighting Consultants, Lend Lease opted to explore ‘solar lighting’ as the preferred type of lighting system to be installed in lieu of traditional ‘mains powered’ lighting which would have involved extensive excavation & disruption due to installing new underground wiring throughout all areas of the village. Leadsun was then invited to present and subsequently design a ‘trial system’ of 6 lights within an area of the village that had been without lighting for some time. 

The due diligence of having several lights installed provided all stakeholders the opportunity to fully examine the quality of the lighting as well as the operational reliability throughout the winter months. The residents during the trial period also kept a vigilant eye on the lighting and provided feedback in relation to how the ‘adaptive lighting’ technology of the lights should be adjusted for maximum comfort. 

At the end of the 6-month trial period & ‘spot testing’ along the way, Leadsun’s solar lighting system proved to work extremely effectively and was endorsed by the lighting consultants ‘NDY’ to be installed throughout the entire village this was mainly due to not only the thousands of dollars in cost savings but also the fact that there are no ‘electrical power costs’ & maintenance costs and also that the installation could be carried out very safely with minimal disruption. 

The solar overall lighting system consisted of 102 solar lights installed throughout the village and to an approved ASNZ standard P4 lighting category.

“Leadsuns Solar Lighting Solution was effective, efficient and our lighting problem was solved. Our residences now feel safe and can see wherever they walk through the village.” –

Janet Fisher Meadowvale Village Manager

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