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Link Lights

Urban Lighting for medium-sized public areas (Needs editing)

Our Link Lights are perfect for lighting medium to large sized public areas. Based on our Link Lights – the world’s first all-in-one solar street light – our Link Lights are a versatile commercial solar light designed for recreational areas and park lighting, car park lightingthoroughfares and pathway lighting. (Needs editing)


Combining the benefits of solar photovoltaic (PV), LED light, dual lithium batteries and adaptive lighting controls with optional wireless control and monitoring.

Cost-effective public lighting

Quick installation, minimal maintenance and no electricity bills makes the AE3 a cost-effective and convenient lighting solution.

Zero emissions,
zero electricity bills

Powered by the sun with zero CO2 emissions and zero electricity costs all day, every day.


Beautiful, sleek, contemporary design that looks great, day or night. An ideal complement to great architecture and landscape design.

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As a general guide, we can fully supply and install 3 engineered and compliant grid-free industrial outdoor solar lights for under $10,000. Costs will vary however depending on application, installation size, access and design.

Solar powered public lights are a more affordable option compared to grid-wired lighting with lower upfront & life-cycle costs.

Installation costs vary depending on application, installation size, access and design. As a general rule though, installation costs for our solar powered lights are around a quarter of that for a similar grid-powered lighting system.

No electrical connections or underground cabling is required for Leadsun commercial solar lights. This means they can be fully installed in about 15% of the usual time required for a conventional grid-powered system. This means less cost to you and reduced disruption.

Solar, LED and battery technology have come a long way in recent years. We guarantee our SMART solar LED lighting and patented battery technology will outperform any other lighting solution on the market.

In Australia and New Zealand, all pubic lights including industrial outdoor solar lights must comply with Australian and New Zealand Lighting Standards. We provide a complete, fully engineered solution for you ensuring compliance with AS/NZS 1158.3.1:2020. All of our systems are designed to ensure at least 3 days of minimum lighting levels can be maintained, even on cloudy days without needing any power from the electricity grid.

Our SMART solar LED lights require minimal maintenance. The photovoltaic solar panels do not require washing or dusting and our urban lighting systems can be monitored remotely with wireless SMART technology.

if servicing is required, our lowerable pole technology makes access easy with no cranes or special equipment needed.

Normally, a Lithium-ion battery will last between five to eight years. However, with Leadsun’s patented, advanced battery technology we guarantee a battery life of up to 10 years. In practice, actual battery life can extend well beyond this with typical battery life being around 15 years.