Lighting Standards In Australia To Consider When Street Planning

Lighting Standards In Australia To Consider When Street Planning

The process of installing solar street lights can be particularly daunting asAustralia has essential requirements and lighting standards. At Leadsun, we assist our clients with designing solar lighting projects that meet all the standards and requirements. This article will introduce some of the essential lighting standards you need to be aware of before you go about installing solar street lights.

The Main Lighting Standards For Solar Street Lighting

If you’re installing public lighting, the Australian Standard you need to have an understanding of is AS1158.3.1. This Standard lays out the lighting levels needed in particular spaces. AS1158, is divided into subcategories, each of which determines the precise requirements. Exactly how much illumination is needed will depend on factors such as pedestrian activity, usage by cyclists, and the risk of crime. 

Leadsun solar street lights employ an EDGE wireless monitoring system and PIR motion sensing, so that our lights don’t emit any more light than is strictly necessary at a given time. This feature can make it far easier to restrict the amount of spill light that impacts the public, by ensuring that lights are never brighter than they need to be.

Environmental Lighting Standards

Public lighting designers should also aim to adhere to lighting standards set out by environmental groups. International Dark-Sky Association (IDSA) and Australasian Dark Sky Alliance (ADSA), aim to reduce the amount of light pollution. Light pollution prevents city-dwellers from being able to see the stars, and this same light pollution can have negative effects on wildlife that utilise celestial navigation. Reducing the amount of artificial light emitted up to the sky helps to reduce light pollution. 

Leadsun’s SMART solar street lights are fully Dark Sky compliant, and have been designed to reduce glare as much as possible. 

Other Lighting Considerations For Solar Street Lighting

An important consideration when applying AS1158.3.1 came out of research conducted by Monash University’s XYX Lab in 2019. By asking how safe women rated various areas of the city of Melbourne, researchers discovered that compliance with AS1158.3.1 alone did not necessarily correlate with higher feelings of security. High vertical and horizontal illuminance created too many shadows and dark spots which increased perceptions of danger. In a modern context, it is important to design lighting environments in a way that both matches Australian Standards, while also integrating the layered, multifocal approach recommended by the Monash University’s researchers. Leadsun are proud to be leading the charge in this very model. 

Leadsun Solar Street Lights

Leadsun are Australia’s leading solar street lighting provider, and are proud to be trusted specialists when it comes to building safer and more sustainable communities. We have more than 130 councils already working with us to plan and install solar street lighting developments, and we’re always looking for more communities to partner with. Contact us today to start planning a fully compliant SMART solar lighting project.