Lighting is a “valuable first step” for safety of women in the mining industry

“Valuable first step” for safety of women in mines

The ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ Report released earlier this year uncovered the problematic culture festering in the fly-in fly-out (FIFO) mining industry that has sadly enabled the mistreatment of female workers. The report has alerted industry and government officials to take urgent action – but where do they even start

Lighting is a “valuable first step” and a Beacon of Change

It goes without saying, this is a complex and deeply ingrained systematic issue that will not be rectified overnight. However, as outlined in the report as a “valuable first step”, lighting around workers accommodation is a tangible, ‘low-hanging fruit’ solution that can be implemented promptly to create safer spaces for women and act as a visual representation and reminder to workers that change is imminent.

Lighting and Safety

Studies have found “that the environmental quality of a place has dominating effects upon safety and the positive perception of safety” with lighting playing a significant part in this phenomenon (XYX Lab & CrowdSpot 2021, p.61).

Safe Lighting Snowballs Cultural Transformation

In addition to safety, lighting also helps build a friendly and inviting space for women—acting as a driving force towards a gender balanced workplace; that will accelerate the urgently needed cultural change.

Need for Grid-free Sustainable Lighting

The mining and resource sector also faces increasing pressure from the government to help Australia reach its net-zero emissions target by 2050. As such, sustainable practices and procurement are imperative measures that must be considered.

Leadsun SMART solar lighting provides safe & sustainable illumination—while its grid-free capability allows for ease of installation in remote areas.

Leadsun SMART solar lighting - Key Benefits & Attributes

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