How Solar Street Lights Are Installed

How Solar Street Lights Are Installed

The installation process for solar street lights is relatively straight-forward. If you’re an experienced professional with the right tools, you’ll have no trouble with installing solar street lights. Leadsun’s concrete-less footings and hinged poles make it quick and easy to install our lights without specialist equipment or heavy machinery. Just two experienced installers and a UTE can install most systems.

Most solar LED street lighting solutions come with installation instructions, but they can be over complicated and aren’t always user friendly. So, we’ve come up with a few simple steps that will help you understand how simple the process can be. 

While there are a lot of different solar street light suppliers in Australia, we are going to give you an overview of the installation process for one of our Leadsun SMART solar street light products. Much of the process is transferable to other products, but it’s important to always check the user manual for your specific solar light product. 

Installation conditions

There are some important conditions that need to be considered when installing a solar street light. It’s important to carefully examine the project and preferably visit the site. There are numerous factors to consider for safe and reliable installation and operation. For example, if the installation site is in the southern hemisphere, the panel must be facing north and in the northern hemisphere the panels must be facing south. 

Also, in the southern hemisphere it’s important to check the sun is not blocked by anything, such as buildings or trees to the north, as this will affect the charging efficiency of the solar power system and the overall operation of the street light. 

Next you will need to follow the installation process:

  1. Poles

If you’ll have to install poles for your new solar street lights.

Leadsun has a variety of solar street lighting solutions available. Choose from direct burial for high volume installations at new developments, concrete footings with rag-bolts or ingenious EZYfoot concrete footings for quick installations in one day. The EZYfoot concrete footings are also great for areas with sandy soil, made-up ground, contaminated soil or environmentally sensitive areas.

When used with the EZYlift or EZYtilt lowerable hinged poles all of the assembly work can be safely done at ground level.

  1. Bird spikes

Our solar street lights are supplied with bird spikes, to prevent birds from sitting on and damaging the light or fouling the solar panel. These are easily installed along the edge of the solar panel with the screws provided. 

  1. Install the bracket

Leadsun solar street lights are supplied with an adjustable bracket. This must be attached to the solar panel, set at the right angle and then attached to the pole. To obtain the maximum energy from the sun, the recommended installation angle for a solar panel in Australia’s southern states is 43 degrees and 23 degrees for its northern states. 

  1. Install the system 

Once the panel is attached to the bracket you can now lightly fasten it to the light pole with the screws provided. Ensure you face the solar panel in the direction for maximum sun exposure, then fasten more tightly with the screws provided. 

For a split type system, with separate light and solar panels separate, you will need to drill a hole in the light pole where the light will be positioned. The cables from the solar panel to the LED solar light thread through the hole.

Once the snap connectors are connected, mount the light onto the pole, fastening with the bolts provided. 

Solar street lighting solutions 

Installing a solar street light might seem complicated at first. With there being several street lighting suppliers in Australia and on top of that different makes and models, it’s important to understand the process correctly.  Always closely follow the specific product’s installation instructions. 

Here at Leadsun we offer a great range of solar powered street lighting solutions. If you’re planning the layout of new roads, parks or footpaths or you’re in need of new street lights for your street or neighbourhood, head to our products page or contact us today.