How Solar Lights are Used In Dog Parks

How Solar Lights are Used In Dog Parks

All council residents and their four-legged companions deserve to feel safe both during and after playtime. 

At the dog park, carefree dogs will zoom around as their tongues stick out excitedly, making new friends and acquainting themselves with nature. Unhappiness simply does not exist at the dog park. Why not take that daytime happiness and extend it beyond sunset?

Benefits of SMART Solar Street Lights in dog parks

Solar street lights are becoming increasingly popular in dog parks. They offer a safe and environmentally friendly method of lighting up an area so both dogs and their owners can enjoy the space after dark. Solar lights are a great option for lighting up a dog park because they are very dependable and require little maintenance, which is ideal for a busy dog park. As they are powered by renewable energy, they will not add to your carbon footprint.

Another advantage of solar street lights is that they can be placed anywhere in the park, including in areas that are difficult for the electrical grid to reach. Leadsun’s SMART solar grid-free lighting circumvents this problem. .  Due to their grid-free configuration, solar street lights are ideal for dog parks because they require no trenching or wiring to connect to the grid and are therefore fast, easy and cost-free to install. 

Dogs are an important part of my people’s life. For those without private backyards, public dog parks are a ‘dog’-send. These public spaces are not only  a place for exercise, it is also an opportunity for socialising with other members of their local community, thus facilitating stronger community bonds. Tight-knit communities are much more likely to generate widespread feelings of belonging, security and wellbeing. 

There are also practical, canine-specific benefits associated with placing SMART solar street lights in dog parks. Adequate lighting ensures dog owners maintain sight of their four legged friends to prevent unwanted mishaps like  accidental paw stepping. Warm, consistent and layered lighting also allows dog owners to recognise each other, and minimises wariness amongst dog park visitors.

Additionally, dog owners need adequate lighting to identify locations of their dog’s ‘business’ to ensure park cleanliness.

LeadSun created the first solar lighting system with solar PV, LED light, lithium batteries, and adaptive lighting controls – a compact and modular solar lighting system.

The sun never has to go down on your local dog park with Leadsun’s SMART solar lighting solutions. Contact us to learn more about how we can light up your local dog parks and other recreational areas