How Quickly Can Solar Street Lights Be Installed?

The team at Leadsun make use of the revolutionary pole technology designed by EZYpole. The EZYfoot concreteless footing, EZYlift, and EZYtilt poles all allow Leadsun solar street lights to be installed within hours or minutes instead of days. Combine that with an ongoing reduction in maintenance costs and you’ll soon find that any other solar lighting system is a step in the wrong direction! EZYpole is one of the world’s leading suppliers of poles to both public and private sector companies, worldwide. The lowerable poles that EZYpole have devised eliminate a whole host of occupational health & safety issues by getting rid of the need for cranes and scaffolding. Our poles need a maximum of two people to install and manage, and some only require one! Time and money are two of the advantages that EZYpole offers you – environmental stability is yet another.

Read on to discover the advantages that EZYpole systems can offer you when used in concert with Leadsun solar street lighting technology.

EZYlift – Light Duty Pole For Solar Street Lights

EZYlift is EZYpole’s one-person solution for mounting solar panels and solar street lights. The base plate utilises a hinge pin that is easily removed, allowing the operator to walk the pole up to its full height. From there, it’s a simple matter of using our security bolts to fix the pole’s two plates together.

EZYlift is also ideal for public access areas and industrial areas. As mentioned, only one or two technicians arefor the installation and maintenance of an EZYlift pole thanks to the hinged base plate. The high tensile steel construction is hot-dip galvanised post-fabrication, providing exceptional durability. There is also a secure base covering, to prevent anyone else from manoeuvring the pole.

A single operator can instal an EZYlift pole in as little as 15 minutes, or half an hour at maximum.

EZYtilt – Medium Duty Pole

While the EZYtilt pole may require two people to install, it is even easier to raise and lower than the EZYlift pole, as it employs a winch. This risk-free application is achieved by clipping a shackle to the pole’s winch attachment point and attaching your winch’s frame to the pole’s base plate. Simply turn the winch handle to move the pole closer or further from the ground, enabling easy maintenance for your pole’s lifetime!

Like the EZYlift, EZYtilt poles are appropriate for public and industrial areas. With the same level of quality construction and fabrication, these reliable poles are suitable for applications including CCTV, lighting, and solar – or all of the above, when you use Leadsun’s SMART solar street lights! 

With two operators, an EZYtilt pole can be installed in as little as 30 minutes, or as long as one hour.

EZYfoot Concrete-less Footing

All EZYpole poles are available with optional EZYfoot Concrete-less Footings. This is a revolutionary development in pole installation that allows works to be carried out far faster than has previously been possible. While concrete footings typically requires up to 3 days of curing time prior to the installation of the poles themselves, EZYfooting permits full installation – footing, pole, and all – in less than 60 minutes.

The simple three step process is accomplished as follows:

  1. The installation team takes micro-piles made from steel and inserts them into the ground.
  2. The assembly of an EZYlift pole, for example, is carried out at ground level.
  3. Using one or two men, the lights are raised into their final position, with fasteners and cover plates firmly secured.

The result is a system that achieves full compliance with a range of relevant Australian standards and building codes. 

With a loading capacity in excess of 10 tonnes, EZYfoot Concrete-less Footings offer users reduced labour costs and reduced environmental damage and are suitable for all wind conditions and soil categories. Whether your worksite slopes, is difficult to access, or located somewhere remote, EZYfoot will work, and rarely requires an engineering inspection to go ahead. Whether the soil is sandy, made-up, or contaminated, EZYfoot is the right choice for you.

Leadsun Solar Street Lights

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