How Much Light Can A Solar Street Light Emit?

Solar-powered street lights are designed for use on roads in your local area, as well as numerous other applications. They are a sustainable choice when it comes to enhancing the visibility of residential areas, and offer significant benefits when it comes to improving the safety of busy streets and crossings. When you’re searching for a solution to the important problem of decreasing risk to pedestrians and drivers, solar street lights may well be the answer that you’re looking for. Whether you’re designing for an urban or rural environment, solar street lighting makes intersections, pedestrian-crossings, pathways, and roundabouts much safer for all involved. But how much light do they emit?

Solar street lighting may provide a whole host of benefits, including sustainability, safety, and the absence of trenching and cabling, but all that is moot if they don’t provide the necessary illumination to suit the lighting needs of your community. Read on to discover the nuts and bolts of how solar-powered street lights produce light, and whether they are sufficient to light your neighbourhood.

LEDs In Solar Street Lights

Leadsun solar street lights make use of LEDs instead of old-fashioned sodium or mercury vapour luminaires. LED stands for light-emitting diode, and they create light far more efficiently than traditiona streetlight. One tiny LED chip (Light-Emitting Diode) can give off the same amount of light of as a traditional 2-Watt incandescent bulb. While a conventional incandescent 100W bulb might produce around 1700 lumens of light (17 lumens per watt), an LED light of the same wattage can now produce nearly 20,000 lumens output! That’s nearly 200 lumens per watt, more than ten times!

On average, solar LED streetlights produce an efficiency gain of at least 400% over conventional mercury vapour streetlights. Solar LED Street lighting don’t rely upon filaments, or gases and every connected LED chip provides an efficient electrical input to lighting output with minimal losses in energy. Replacing bulbs such as Incandescent or Mercury Vapour are now a thing of the past compared to new SMART LED solar street lighting.

Solar Street Light Output

Leadsun offers a number of different solar street lighting solutions, all of which produce different levels of illumination. Let’s dive into two of our top products to see what kind of lighting they’re capable of.

The AE3 and AE6 series both employ mono-crystalline photovoltaic modules to perform solar energy harvesting as efficiently as possible. The motion sensor on the Pulse-Width Modulation smart controller is used to activate clean, crisp dimming and brightening as users require. By pre-programming the power output of the LEDs, Leadsun has optimised the size of our solar panels and batteries – we only use the smallest and most effective components necessary to provide ample light while minimising cost. 

Our dual LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery system is integrated into the solar module along with all the other core electronics, so that our solar street lights require the smallest possible footprint. The battery system we have designed is built to withstand a high frequency of charges and discharges, allowing our solar street lights to remain sustainable and consistent night after night, year after year. This is in part thanks to our top-of-the-range LED chips, which can offer reliable lighting for as much as fifteen years. 

AE3 Compact Solar Street Lights For Medium-Sized Areas

Our AE3 solar street lights come in two different output options: 60W or 90W. This wattage refers to the output of the solar power module. These are married with either 10W or 30W LED luminaires. 10W of LED power will produce a typical flux level of 1800 lumens, and the 30W produces a flux level of 5400 lumens. This works out to a lighting efficiency of 180 lumens per watt! 

The lithium batteries on the AE3 series have a capacity of 308Wh up to 616Wh. Their power and capacity make them the perfect choice for lighting pathways and parks in recreational reserves of all kinds. They can also be used on walking trails, playgrounds, outdoor gyms, and residential streets. 

AE6 Compact Solar Street Lights For Large Areas

Leadsun’s AE6 series is your go-to choice when you’re looking to illuminate much larger areas than the AE3. While they come in five different options of solar module output, ranging from 150W-600W, each model utilises a light-head that produces 30W of LED output. This translates to a typical illumination of 5400 lumens per solar street light. 

With battery capacities ranging from 820Wh to 3387Wh, these are your best choice when looking to light up large city plazas, carparks, or busy thoroughfares. They are equally effective at illuminating streets, playgrounds, trails, and recreational areas. 

LED Solar Street Lights Australia

If you’re in the process of investigating your next solar street lighting solution, don’t hesitate to contact us. Leadsun is leading the charge to make Australian communities safer, more sustainable, and more energy-efficient. Join us today!