Global Warming and Climate Change

Global warming and climate change are no longer myths but are now reality as highlighted recently by the IPCC report. The increase in carbon dioxide levels is having a direct impact on the earth’s temperature which impacts on the Arctic sea ice, ice sheets and sea level and temperature. All signs point to us humans as the cause.

Carbon dioxide levels have sky rocketed since the 1950’s. Since 2001 we have topped the warmest years 17 times. Arctic sea ice continues to decline year on year as has ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland. Sea level continue to rise due to added water from melting ice sheets and glaciers and the expansion of seawater as it warms.

Our reliance on coal to provide our energy needs must be addressed. What actions can we do to make a difference? We are seeing the ever evolving off grid solutions in both solar and wind which can now be seriously considered in urban development to reduce this dependence and hopefully in future, eliminate it. Smart lighting with governments can and are making a difference. Other options we as individuals can consider is driving less or carpool, go solar or buy energy-efficient appliances or simply turn off the lights when not needed and wear an extra jumper if we’re cold. These are but a few of the options we can take to help in reducing carbon emissions. Our ultimate goal should be to make fossil fuels the except rather than the rule.

The evidence provided by NASA cannot be denied or disregarded.

NASA website

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