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Gift of Light Initiative

Did you know, an estimated 700 million people struggle to survive due to the effects of energy poverty; sadly resulting in around 3.8 million premature deaths every year. A significant number of these heartbreaking and preventable fatalities are children under 5 years old. This is unacceptable!

This year, Leadsun Australia in collaboration with SolarBuddy, are proud to offer the Gift of Light to support children living in extreme energy poverty. The program will include a 1-for-1 donation and educational workshops.

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The effects of Energy Poverty

Without reliable energy, many facets of human life are impacted:


Using solid fuels and kerosene for energy contributes to indoor air pollution which causes 4 million deaths annually.


Without safe and reliable lighting, children cannot study after dusk.


Fuel based lighting leads to the emissions of roughly 190 million tonnes of CO2 per year.


Millions of people living on less than $1/day spend up to 40% of their income on kerosene lamps.

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At the core of the Gift of Light initiative is our 1-for-1 Donation, where Leadsun will gift one JuniorBuddy (pictured below) for every Leadsun solar light purchased (subject to program eligibility). 

The JuniorBuddy will be donated to a child living in extreme energy poverty within Papua New Guinea (Australia’s closest neighbour); where only about 10% of the population have access to reliable grid electricity.

Enquire to find our whether your next solar lighting project qualifies.

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Gift of Light Educational Workshops

In addition to the 1-for-1 Donation, Leadsun will be facilitating Educational Workshops;  including a presentation and a JuniorBuddy Light Build exercise where all participants will get the opportunity to make two JuniorBuddy’s (keeping one and donating the other). This will help raise awareness of how energy poverty continues to impact and take millions of lives around the world each year, while giving insight into how Leadsun, together with SolarBuddy and your organisation, are working to change this. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion.

Gift of Light Educational Workshops

Gift of Light Impact

Providing children with safe, portable & reliable lighting has a profound impact on health, educational, environmental, and financial aspects of human life.

A JuniorBuddy light donation helps:


Improve air quality.


Increase study time by 78%.


Reduce CO2 emissions.


Reduce the cost of living for families.

Impact Calculator

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