Gender equity & inclusion concerns over lack of safe public lighting

Gender equity & inclusion concerns over lack of safe public lighting in Australia

Darkness is downgrading safety and inclusion amongst Australian communities. We need Local Government Authorities to help shine a light on this issue, take the lead and work with us to build a brighter future for all.

infographic showing 50%

Did you know 50% of Australian women feel unsafe walking at night?

This is an alarming statistic and reflects not only the fear of being attacked, but also how unwelcomed and unaccommodated women feel in open spaces at night. This also indicates that other vulnerable members of society (such as the elderly, people with a disability, First Nations people and LGBTQIA+ folk) might have similar, perhaps worse, fears and experiences. 

(Liddy 2018)

Poor lighting found to be main reason for safety concerns

Studies have found that poor lighting in public spaces are the main contributor to lack of real and perceived safety. It also highlights “that the environmental quality of a place has dominating effect upon the safety and the positive perception of safety”. 

(XYX Lab & CrowdSpot 2021, p.61 & p.81)  

“Before the revamp of the park I felt unsafe, since council have added lighting and clean the park regularly it is much better.”

There is no excuse for poor public lighting

The advanced capabilities of Leadsun’s SMART solar lighting allows us to address the many nuances of good public lighting in our expert design solution. This includes being grid-free, meaning public lighting can be provided wherever it is required – remote pathways, recreational reserves, carparks etc. 

Leadsun SMART solar lighting - Key Benefits & Attributes

Australian council members, it's your chance to leave a positive legacy!

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