Engineering design

Engineering design

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Engineering design

Combining modern, world-class solar lighting engineering design with wireless SMART control technologies, Leadsun is at the forefront of the solar street lighting industry.

With senior staff holding qualifications across business administration, project management and electrical and electronic engineering, Leadsun combines engineering with consulting and project administration to provide local governments, consultants and other organisations a professional, specialised service for public and outdoor lighting applications.

Covering everything from development and manufacturing to innovative installations, we offer comprehensive, end-to-end solar lighting solutions that deliver exceptional value and include full system design engineering support on all products.

Battery performance calculations

Leadsun offers accurate battery performance calculations to ensure battery autonomy and longevity. 

Leadsun has been able to use its experience from 1000s of real-world applications to create a software tool that accurately calculates expected battery performance over 30 days, based on a range of critical data such as the size and efficiency of the PV solar module, LED power output, lighting compliance lux levels required and battery capacity. 

Importantly, Leadsun calculates the solar lighting system performance based upon the local area’s historical solar irradiance history for the middle of winter – which is the most demanding period and precisely when the lights need to reliably work. 

EZYpole bespoke engineered services

Leadsun’s affiliated subsidiary EZYpole exclusively provides a range of specialised, engineered services, with rapid turnarounds. 

Whether our ingenious lowerable poles need reinforcement to tolerate extra payload or wind speeds – or our lights need longer outreach arms – there’s rarely a challenge that cannot be overcome.

EZYfoot no-concrete footing

The EZYfoot concrete-less footing system offers quick and environmentally friendly installation via a steel tube anchoring ysstem that is driven into the ground using a jack hammer. As there is no concrete curing time, the rest of the installation can continue without any down time. 

EZYlift/tilt lowerable poles

EZYtilt has a unique hinged base plate, this medium duty winch-pole provides risk-free manipulation. Simply attach the winch to the base plate, clip the shackle to the winch point and safely raise or lower the pole. 

The video below shows how easy installation is using EZYlift:

Dedicated research and development, product improvements and customised solutions.

With over 30 patents, including for the world’s first all-in-one solar light and our ingenious Dual Lithium Battery management systems, Leadsun is continually striving to provide our customers with the most intelligent, contemporary and easy-to-install solar powered products. An ongoing focus and commitment to technical innovation and quality makes us stand out from our competitors. With unrivalled attention to detail and a commitment to sustainability, we work to the highest stands demanded from our customers, the environment and the community. 

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