Victorian councils ask women to map unsafe public spaces, what’s your story?

Victorian councils ask women to map unsafe public spaces, what’s your story?

In a recent podcast on RN Breakfast, Fran Kelly hosted Dr Nicole Kalms and Nia McMartin as they launched their new public safety project, ‘Your Ground’; Which empowers gender diverse and women to mark areas where they feel safe and unsafe, providing councils with vital information for community safety.  

Your Ground Interactive Map

The pair explained the project had developed from numerous factors, including a recent OECD index that found…

50% of Australian Women don’t feel safe walking alone at night”.  

Lighting in public spaces was discussed, where ‘more nuanced’ lighting solutions were the key to making women feel safe, rather than the ‘brighter is better’ approach.  

Cooma Creek Shared Pathway with Solar Lighting Upgrade

Leadsun whole-heartedly supports the ‘Your Ground’ project to identify open space areas that are considered ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’ – particularly at night; research has identified that smarter designed public lighting systems can lead to improving the feeling of safety compared to over-lit or unlit areas. In early 2020, Leadsun partnered with the City of Cooma (NSW) to design and deliver a SMART solar-powered public lighting system that was cost-effective in improving safety along the Cooma Creek trail in the evening. To find out more, visit us here

Leadsun on SimpleBiz360

Leadsun on SimpleBiz360

Innovation and solutions abound during this satellite adventure to Australia. The Managing Director of Leadsun takes us on his journey to discovery. Sensing that technology and cost improvements could be achieved, Matt Pollard maps out how teamwork and determination met this chin-rubbing challenge. Join our engaging guest as this true gentleman unveils solar lighting and inspires future innovators.

What is SMART solar street lighting and how is it transforming communities across Australia?


As sustainability becomes an increasingly important priority for local governments, initiatives such as SMART solar street lighting helps communities to adapt new technologies that support the sustainability of existing and future generations. 

The negative impacts of traditional street lighting is becoming increasingly acknowledged by governments and councils across Australia. Our cities have relied on street lighting designed and built in the 19th Century, with costly underground cabling, long-term expenses, and with limited positioning. 

Street lights powered from the grid contribute to high levels of public carbon emissions, impacting environmental wellbeing, at an increasingly high price. In Australia, there are 2.3 million serviced street lights, amounting to an estimated annual cost of $125 million taxpayer expenditure. 

“The amount of emissions caused by electrical street lights in local communities 

lies between 30 to 60 percent, between regional or metropolitan areas.”

 – Lead Designer at LeadSun Australia, Matthew Jones 

The movement towards energy efficient solar street light alternatives has been gaining greater traction across governments and local councils as awareness of the overall social, environmental and economic advantages of smart solar lighting grows. 

What is SMART solar street lighting? 


SMART solar street lighting is the environmentally friendly solution that requires no power from the grid. SMART solar street lighting transforms energy from the sun with the most advanced solar panel technology available on the market. LeadSun smart solar street lighting is powered by renewable energy sources and is at the forefront of energy efficient practices transforming community spaces at large.

LeadSun Smart Solar Lighting is installed using EZYpole concrete-less footing system, unlike electrically-powered solar lights, this system requires no underground cabling that results in zero destruction to the surrounding environment. 


SMART solar lights add to the appeal of modern community spaces with their streamlined design. Walking trails, shared pathways and car parks are more inviting and accessible encouraging greater activity in shared community spaces. 

Electrically powered street lights require extensive underground cabling and can only be positioned in certain areas. Solar pathway lights are easy-to-install and can be positioned flexibly on both sides of the street.  

With advanced remote control technology and off-site wireless control, smart solar street lights can be controlled, monitored and configured from anywhere in the world. 


Whereas electric-powered street lights require constant and costly power from the grid, solar power street lights can be installed and operated where power is not available. 

The installation process of solar street lights is fast and efficient, taking only a quarter of the usual time it takes to set up electrically powered street lights, significantly contributing to the lower cost, not only where maintaining solar lighting is concerned but throughout the entire installation process. 


Community wide power blackouts turn cities and suburbs to dark. Solar power lights are the most reliable solar power lighting available and are dependable through electricity blackouts and brownouts.


LeadSun SMART solar power lights have been designed using advanced innovation technology that intelligently responds to movement in the surrounding environment. Adaptive lighting technology has come a long way, motion sensors installed in smart solar lights automatically dims light to 30% when no activity is detected, saving battery life while ensuring no excess solar powered lighting is used. 

Community benefits of LeadSun solar street lighting:

Easy installation with no monthly costs 

Fast and non-destructive installation system with with no monthly costs

Wi-fi Control

Inbuilt with an advanced wifi system that can be controlled easily from any device


Electrically powered street lights often require disruptive underground wiring that is costly, time consuming and destructive to the surrounding environment

Long term environmentally friendly solution 

Long term environmentally friendly solution with continuous light powered by the sun 

Communities transformed by smart solar lighting: 

Paving the way forward for a sustainable future

Adopting new technologies with low environmental impact that provide sustainable solutions to everyday activities such as solar street lighting is increasingly becoming the norm as governments and local communities learn about the widespread benefits of adopting sustainable technologies. Smart solar street lighting is a stand alone, self-sufficient system that does not require any power from the grid, which means no disruptive underground wiring that is cost-prohibitive, time consuming and destructive to the surrounding environment.

Smart Public Lighting is a stand alone, self-sufficient system that does not require any power from the grid, which means no disruptive underground wiring that is cost-prohibitive, time consuming and destructive to the surrounding environment.

Leadsun on Ticker News

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 11.33.28 am

Leadsun on Ticker News

Street lighting assets around the world are being transformed with smart technologies to deliver increased safety, efficiency, productivity, and services. Leadsun’s FREEDOM urban solar lights are an integral part of this transformation.

Until now, our cities have relied on 19th-century grid-powered lighting systems. These have inflexible positioning and are costly to install due to extensive trenching and cabling, plus unpredictable, ongoing energy costs.

Leadusn’s Managing Director Matt Pollard recently had a chat with Ticker News about the environmental benefits that these street lights provide and how they are making a positive impact on the environments they illuminate.

This next-generation street lighting platform is supplied SMART CITY READY with remote monitoring and endless possibilities to connect IOT devices such as air quality sensors, pedestrian and vehicle counters, cameras, duress-button, Wi-Fi access points, and more. 

These stylish, future-proofed lighting solutions are perfect for lighting streets, footpaths, parks, recreational areas, green space, car parks, and public venues.

In 2018, Leadsun formed a landmark partnership with a leading USA property developer who has successfully installed over 1,000 wireless controlled and monitored FREEDOM solar streetlights throughout two Master Planned Communities in Florida, with many more to be installed in the coming years.

10 News Coverage – The future of residential street lighting

News First Photo

Australian solar technology is leading the world

The future of street lighting has now arrived! Leadsun is excited to finally announce the launch of our FREEDOM series, which is a SMART urban solar lighting solution designed for communities of the 21st century.

After more than three years of development in Melbourne, Leadsun has partnered with a leading developer of Master-planned communities in Florida, USA. Leadsun’s FREEDOM solar lights were chosen to help transform their new residential developments into the world’s smartest and most modern residential communities. So far, over 1000 lights have been successfully installed with a further 10,000 solar street lights locked-in to be deployed over the next few years.

Now is the time for progressive Australian residential property developers to utilise this new grid-free street lighting technology that has full wireless connectivity capabilities, DARK SKY compliance, and is future-proofed to power smart city devices like CCTV, public Wi-Fi access points, and more.

Click here to learn more >

Solar Tree

Solar Tree

A Big Idea!

Leadsun was invited to partner with City of Melbourne’s Industrial Design Team to create a modern, innovative and sustainable outdoor sculpture by converging Leadsun’s proprietary ‘All-In-One’ Solar + Battery + LED technologies into a spectacular tree-like sculpture that also demonstrates that we can power and light out cities with solar energy.

The Solar Tree is a big idea by Leadsun to help demonstrate City of Melbourne’s ambitious target to become carbon neutral.

The tree provides the community with a place to rest, recharge their mobile devices whilst promoting a positive social impact ensuring our public spaces are Smarter, Sustainable and Safer by harnessing the sun’s energy in a practical and functional way.

Did you know that although cities only cover 2% of earth’s landmass, they use nearly 80% of earth’s primary energy sources? Further to this, the biggest contributor to a municipality’s source of carbon emissions is from grid-connected public lighting infrastructure.

While our cities transition to renewable energy to replace existing fossil fuel electricity, the Solar Tree demonstrates the importance that collectively we must take simple steps to reduce our energy usage, not just in our homes and businesses but also in open public areas that require public lighting.

Honouring indigenous natural heritage

The Solar Tree isn’t just about technology, it’s also about sustainability and honouring the traditional and distinct nature of our municipality’s natural heritage by using reclaimed indigenous timber for the circular wooden seat located at its trunk.

The indigenous timber is selected by the local government and then hand-crafted and treated to look vibrant and elegant. It’s an important design element of the Solar Tree as it brings together both ‘nature & technology’ and the ‘past & the future’ all into one unique functional system.

Convenient meeting hub

The Solar Tree  is a great landmark and place to meet. With the timber seat able to accommodate three people, the Solar Tree has a convenient  three-way built-in USB charger at it’s trunk inviting users and visitors to sit under the solar panels and charge their smart devices 24 hours a day for free!

Technical Specifications

The Solar Tree utilises Leadsun’s innovative and proprietary ‘All-In-One’ solar-powered energy systems. The entire system features a combination of three 80W ‘Solar-Engines’ that collects and captures energy from the sun into the built-in Lithium-Ion batteries to then power the LED lights & USB chargers.

The energy produced from the Solar Engines is then distributed through its branches into ultra-efficient LED lighting fixtures featuring a motion-sensor and dimming capabilities. The Solar Tree  provides a beacon of light throughout the evening for safety, whilst demonstrating new-energy technologies through it’s USB charging station located at it’s base.

See it Live

The Solar Tree provides the perfect opportunity for municipalities to uniquely demonstrate their ambition for social & environmental leadership to the public as well showcasing new-energy technologies into public spaces & pop-up parks powered by the limitless energy of the sun.

Experience the power for yourself and charge your phone in safety under the lights of the Solar Tree located in the beautiful grounds of Birrarung Marr. The lights illuminate the granite sand and provides a warm inviting glow for the community to use the Solar Tree in the evening.

Lights stand strong after Goulburn floods


Leadsun solar lights stand strong after recent Goulburn floods

In August 2020, heavy rainfall caused flooding in Goulburn and surrounding areas, with around 130 millimetres of rain recorded by the Bureau of Meteorology for Goulburn and totals of over 200 millimetres reported in some areas around the region.

Unfortunately, the flooding caused significant damage to some public assets including roads, footpaths and stormwater pipes. Thankfully, however, the solar pathway lights Leadsun had just finished installing in Goulburn – as part of Stage 2 of what is being called Australia’s largest solar lighting installation along the Wollondilly River Walking Track – stood strong.

Our lights were able to weather the storm and remain standing and fully operational, thanks in part to the fact that all the light technology – including our advanced battery system – is housed at the top of the lighting unit, which kept the lights safe from floodwater harm. This would not unfortunately have been the case had the track been lit with traditional grid-connected wired lighting, which would not have survived flood levels like those seen in Goulburn.

As Mayor Bob Kirk has stated, “Fortunately, much of our infrastructure network has come through relatively unscathed, with assets such as the Wollondilly River Walkway in reasonable condition. No solar light was damaged.”

This story is just one in our collective experience that demonstrates yet again why our brand promise at Leadsun is Always Dependable, and why we stand by it.

Leadsun is bringing SMART public lighting into all Australian municipalities – easily, affordably and efficiently. If you are looking for a dependable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solar lighting solution to enhance your community’s public spaces, get in touch with us today.

Solar lights a pathway through lockdown

Wollondilly River Walking

Solar lights a pathway through lockdown

Thanks to the Covid-19 many of us find ourselves in lockdown with little reprieve other than a morning potter or an evening stroll. In Goulburn, thanks to what is being called Australia’s largest solar lighting installation, locals can now more easily walk and cycle their way to the salutary effects of a daily jaunt.

With the threat of lockdown once again in effect or on the cards for large parts of the nation, many of us are once again facing the prospect of having very little to look forward to each day other than a solitary stroll or a potter-about with a partner.

In fact, the Heart Foundation estimates that 30% of people are walking more than usual thanks to the impacts of the pandemic. That’s why the Goulburn Mulwaree Council (Council) in New South Wales (NSW) has installed what is said to be Australia’s largest solar pathway lighting project.

After all, at this time of year, when the sun seems to show up more out of habit than wanting to put a good long shift in, need of lighting along our walkabout pathways is at its most luminous. That’s why Council nudged Melbourne-based company Leadsun to install 160 of its AE3C solar lights along 10km of the Wollondilly River Walking Track in Goulburn.

Leadsun, which holds a patent on what it calls the first “all-in-one LED solar light,” began the project a year ago, and Managing Director Matt Pollard said that sporting clubs, walking groups and residents were increasingly lobbying local governments to apply for grants to install Smart solar lighting to improve access and safety.

Council utilised the majority of a $500,000 Federal Sport and Recreation grant for the solar lighting of the riverine track. Although, it must be said, one for one, solar public lighting is cheaper than your normal street lighting, partly because it doesn’t require much trenching or electrical wiring, but also because the energy is free from the sun and can be stored in lithium-ion batteries for up to three days.

Wollondilly River Walking Track powering up for a busy night.

At just over 160 solar lights, Pollard believes its the largest solar pathway lighting project in Australia. Even fossil fuel enthusiasts like Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor, who would probably prefer Australia’s bush pathways lit by the incendiary fire of gaslamps, had to admit that the walkway in Goulburn was now safer and more accessible. “I’m thrilled that the installation of solar lighting will extend the hours of use of the walkway,” said Taylor.

“There is an increasing awareness that we can all do our bit to reduce carbon emissions across a broad range of smaller-scale projects and in our individual lives,” continued Taylor with a distinct lack of ironical self-awareness. “Along with many Goulburn residents, I enjoy running this track early in the morning or later in the afternoon. the lights will be a great addition to the course, particularly in winter.”

Another such Goulburn resident is Daniel Strickland, a member of Mission Australia’s Man Walk group and a regular trotter of the track, who said the path is far busier than before, especially at those times before the dawn and after the dusk, when previously “we would come along with our iPhones and our torches.” Unfortunately, Strickland failed to mention having ever seen Energy Minister Taylor running the track with gaslamp outstretched before him like Sherlock Holmes on one of his deductive exercises along the Thames.

Nevertheless, the clear success and savings of the project means that Council is now planning a further 1.5km extension to the Smart lighting project. Leadsun, lead on.

From PV Magazine – JULY 24, 2020 BLAKE MATICH

What is SMART public lighting


What is SMART public lighting

Letter 'S' logo


Environmentally friendly solutions that require no power from the grid

Letter 'M' logo


Aesthetically pleasing innovative and technical functionality

Letter 'A' logo


Can be installed
where power is
not available

Letter 'R' logo


Dependable performance through electricity blackouts & brownouts

Letter 'T' logo


Advanced innovation that intelligently reacts to it’s surrounding environment

Why SMART Public Lighting?

  1. Adjustable lighting control creating a safer environment
  2. Extending the hours of use of valuable community assets
  3. Fast turn around times as no underground cabling is required
  4. Cost effective as no disruptive or expensive trenching required
  5. Advanced battery technology that guarantees long life span
  6. Environmentally friendly and completely off the power grid
  7. No on-going power costs

Sustainable lighting for your communities most valuable assets

Shared Pathways

Car Parks

Recreation Reserves

Street Lighting

The Leadsun Difference


Leadsun’s Advanced Battery Management System​

Leadsun uses new-generation Lithium LiFePO4 batteries which are the heartbeat of our off-grid systems. The custom-built design provides 3 times more storage and power capacity compared to traditional Lead Acid batteries enabling maximum performance, reliability and longevity, all within a limited space.

Our patented ground-breaking battery technology can DOUBLE the normal life expectancy of any other traditional Lithium battery system by never fully charging or discharging its cells. This prevents unnecessary
full range operating which reduces stress and lengthens the cycle life of the battery of up to 10 years.

This world first technology is only available from Leadsun

Tell us how we can light up your next project

Leadsun - always innovating, always moving forward, and always dependable

Our cities are being transformed with new technologies faster than ever, posing new challenges every day. That’s why Leadsun partners with municipalities across Australia to fully understand their needs and be the trusted advisor steering them into the future.

Leadsun applies the experience and expertise we’ve built distributing more than 20,000 light systems – as well as our world-class solar lighting engineering design and technology – to provide local authorities solutions and guidance they can depend on. 

Leadsun Global

Leadsun July Newsletter


Leadsun July Newsletter

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It’s been a huge month.

With unprecedented numbers of people accessing public recreational areas across Australia due to COVID-19 – and councils needing to provide safe access to those spaces – we’ve been busier than ever bringing the light of day into the night for safer, more active communities.

This month, we highlight how we lit up Middle Arm Road in Goulburn and finished a milestone project lighting 10 kilometres of walkway and cycle paths. We also share 6 advantages of SMART public lighting and let the numbers do the talking with a grid-vs-grid-free cost comparison.

We’re also excited to welcome Leadsun’s new Strategic Partnerships Manager Josh Trouchet, who brings expertise and experience built through an impressive career in commercial and residential construction across Australia. Josh would love to hear from you so get in touch today to learn more about the benefits of our off-grid solar lighting and why it’s the preferred choice for public open space lighting.


Josh Trouchet

Mobile: 0410 109 874
Office: 1300 532 378
LinkedIn profile: Connect Now

Middle Arm Road lit up under the Safe Road Program

Leadsun was recently approached to provide an affordable yet compliant, dependable solution to light up the popular Middle Arm Road in Goulburn under the Council’s Safe Road Program. The resulting cable-and-grid free solution gives council long-lasting, reliable and sustainable lighting for years to come. Click below for the full story and video footage of the project.

Lighting up Goulburn – the largest public solar lighting project of its kind

With 31% of people walking more than usual during COVID-19, Australian local governments are being urged to invest in SMART public lighting. As part of a milestone project for Goulburn Mulwaree Council, Leadsun installed 160 lights along 10km of walkway and cycle paths, in what is the largest public solar lighting project of its kind in Australia.

6 advantages of SMART public lighting

With huge numbers of people accessing public recreational spaces, it’s a crucial time for local governments to consider the role of sustainable, affordable SMART public lighting in shaping safer, more active communities. Click below for the 6 key advantages of SMART public lighting – they may surprise you.

Eye opening – Grid versus Grid-Free installation cost comparison

As well as environmental, efficiency, safety and time benefits, SMART public lighting provides significant cost benefits. See this cost comparison to find out how using grid-free solar instead of grid-connected wired lighting for a 1km pedestrian pathway can save your project at least $50,000.

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