6 reasons why solar street lighting is the solution for a sustainable future.


6 reasons why solar street lighting is the solution for a sustainable future.

The time to move away from electrically powered street lights has well and truly come. Electrically powered street lights were designed in the 19th century and built for the era. There’s no denying that such technology was innovative for its time; however, technology has come a long way over the past 200 years and with it the development of sustainable technologies such as solar street lighting that has paved the way forward on a large scale. 

Solar street lights provide outdoor street lighting sourcing their power directly from the sun through photovoltaic or PV panels.  

In Australia, there are 2.3 million serviced street lights, amounting to an estimated annual cost of $125 million taxpayer expenditure. 

“The amount of emissions caused by electrical street lights in local communities 

lies between 30 to 60 percent, between regional or metropolitan areas.”

 – Lead Designer at LeadSun Australia, Matthew Jones 

As sustainable technologies become more readily available in Australia, and the benefits of solar powered solutions become widely known, solar street lights are becoming increasingly adopted by eco-friendly towns and communities across the country. 

Read more about the many benefits of solar street lighting below:

Solar Street Lighting

  1. Reduces carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels at a large scale. 

Traditional street lights are electrically powered through an underground grid system. 

Not only is the traditional approach expensive, but large amounts of fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas are required to produce electricity to power lights for large densely populated areas like cities. 

Solar street lighting transforms energy directly from the sun, requiring absolutely no power from the grid.

2. Non-destructive installation with energy sourced from the sun  

Installing extensive and expensive underground electrical systems is destructive to the surrounding environment.

Furthermore, electrically powered street lights need to be constantly connected to a power source, this greatly limits where they can be installed.

Leadsun’s smart solar lighting is installed using EZY-pole concrete-less footing which requires no underground cabling and therefore no destruction to the natural surroundings.

3. Increased public safety and use of community spaces 

Walking trails, shared pathways and car parks become more inviting and accessible with solar street lighting, encouraging greater activity and use of shared community spaces. 

Solar street lighting also makes for safer community spaces.  Ambient and welcoming shared community spaces inspire increased activity and engagement, along with decreased rates of crime.

4. Keeping streets alight during power outages and blackouts 

Traditional street lights are the first to go during a power blackout. Solar street lights are the reliable solution to community wide power blackouts and are 100% dependable during power outages. 

5. Adaptive technology that saves solar power for when it’s needed most. 

Leadsun Solar Street Lighting is integrated with adaptive lighting technology that intuitively responds to the surrounding environment. 

Smart Solar Street Lighting’s advanced sensor technology responds to movement in the surrounding environment, automatically dimming to 30% when no motion is detected, reserving solar power only for when it’s needed most. 

6. Smart wireless control and monitoring 

Leadsun advanced smart solar lighting systems can be configured from anywhere in the world. 

Solar powered lights can be turned on, off, dimmed and monitored from any device, anywhere, anytime. 

Most notably, solar lights can be programmed for various lighting schedules, and have advanced data logging systems that provide core information on system performance and maintenance. 

Solar street lighting is rapidly becoming the norm in communities across the world. As the cost-effective, reliable alternative to electrically powered street lights, solar street lights are the sustainable option for widespread lighting, reducing carbon emissions and decreasing environmental harm while providing greater community safety and satisfaction. 

Leadsun on SimpleBiz360

Leadsun on SimpleBiz360

Innovation and solutions abound during this satellite adventure to Australia. The Managing Director of Leadsun takes us on his journey to discovery. Sensing that technology and cost improvements could be achieved, Matt Pollard maps out how teamwork and determination met this chin-rubbing challenge. Join our engaging guest as this true gentleman unveils solar lighting and inspires future innovators.

Calls to improve lighting at Black Spots to Save Lives


Calls to improve lighting on local roads to save lives

Lighting is a huge part of road safety, not only for cars and lighting black spots but also for visibility and the safety of pedestrians. With respect to pedestrians and roads in particular, according to Monash University research commissioned by walking health charityVictoria Walks, street lighting was identified as a potential issue that may help to reduce the risk of collisions at night time, with 11 percent of crashes that occur while it is dark take place in locations with no street lighting.

Lighting has been shown to be one of the most immediately impactful ways to boost both the actual and perceived safety levels of public spaces and roads. However, traditional electric lighting systems tend to present significant cost and logistical barriers due to roads and footpaths needing to be dug up for the required underground trenching and cabling. Within this context, SMART solar road lighting is the perfect solution for lighting dark spots on intersections, roundabouts, and pedestrian and cycling paths.

Research suggests there is a 35 percent reduction in road crashes when street lighting is implemented or improved.

Not only is smart solar road lighting a significantly more cost-effective solution due to there being no underground trenching and cabling required, it offers faster project turnaround times compared to grid-powered lights and flexibility as to where lights can be positioned. There are also clear environmental and social benefits – some might even say obligations – for governments to choose sustainable lighting sources moving forward.

Increasingly across Australia, local councils are overcoming the difficulty and cost of lighting dangerous intersections or long stretches of road by installing solar street lighting in situ of traditional grid-powered lighting. Successful road safety projects have already been completed in cities and towns across Queensland, Northern Territory, Victoria and New South Wales – with many in response to community pressure to help fix known problem areas.

Lit by the clean energy of the sun, Leadsun’s smart solar lighting is designed for local roads and is a sustainable solution ideal for increasing safety on poorly lit roads and intersections. These lights allow local councils in particular to be SMART city ready and meet growing community expectations that public space solutions minimise environmental impact. They also offer councils the freedom to connect and scale lighting solutions quickly, easily and cost-efficiently.

As smart public lighting specialists working with local government and corporate partners since 2005, Leadsun are leaders in providing efficient, smart public lighting solutions that enhance the safety of communities across Australia and the world. 

Leadsun is bringing SMART road lighting into all Australian municipalities – easily, affordably and efficiently. If you are looking for a dependable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solar lighting solution to enhance your community’s public spaces, get in touch with us today.

Leadsun on Ticker News

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 11.33.28 am

Leadsun on Ticker News

Street lighting assets around the world are being transformed with smart technologies to deliver increased safety, efficiency, productivity, and services. Leadsun’s FREEDOM urban solar lights are an integral part of this transformation.

Until now, our cities have relied on 19th-century grid-powered lighting systems. These have inflexible positioning and are costly to install due to extensive trenching and cabling, plus unpredictable, ongoing energy costs.

Leadusn’s Managing Director Matt Pollard recently had a chat with Ticker News about the environmental benefits that these street lights provide and how they are making a positive impact on the environments they illuminate.

This next-generation street lighting platform is supplied SMART CITY READY with remote monitoring and endless possibilities to connect IOT devices such as air quality sensors, pedestrian and vehicle counters, cameras, duress-button, Wi-Fi access points, and more. 

These stylish, future-proofed lighting solutions are perfect for lighting streets, footpaths, parks, recreational areas, green space, car parks, and public venues.

In 2018, Leadsun formed a landmark partnership with a leading USA property developer who has successfully installed over 1,000 wireless controlled and monitored FREEDOM solar streetlights throughout two Master Planned Communities in Florida, with many more to be installed in the coming years.

10 News Coverage – The future of residential street lighting

News First Photo

Australian solar technology is leading the world

The future of street lighting has now arrived! Leadsun is excited to finally announce the launch of our FREEDOM series, which is a SMART urban solar lighting solution designed for communities of the 21st century.

After more than three years of development in Melbourne, Leadsun has partnered with a leading developer of Master-planned communities in Florida, USA. Leadsun’s FREEDOM solar lights were chosen to help transform their new residential developments into the world’s smartest and most modern residential communities. So far, over 1000 lights have been successfully installed with a further 10,000 solar street lights locked-in to be deployed over the next few years.

Now is the time for progressive Australian residential property developers to utilise this new grid-free street lighting technology that has full wireless connectivity capabilities, DARK SKY compliance, and is future-proofed to power smart city devices like CCTV, public Wi-Fi access points, and more.

Click here to learn more > http://bit.ly/SMART-Urban-Lighting

Housing New Zealand – Solar street lighting

Housing New Zealand E

Housing New Zealand – Solar street lighting

  • Project: Communal accessway lighting
  • Location: Auckland

Housing New Zealand’s challenge is to provide housing for the nation’s most vulnerable people in a way that’s safe, healthy, sustainable, and cost-effective. The Leadsun solar street light is helping to meet those needs.

This HNZ development on Auckland’s North Shore is one of many new communities using solar lighting.

In this development the shared accessway serves as vehicle access to multiple homes and is also used by pedestrians, including visitors to the community and small children at play. Safety and security is paramount.

As well as being off-grid, the solar street light conserves its own power by dimming down to 30% when no-one is around. This still provides enough background light to maintain a sense of security The low light on the accessways also helps to maintain a sense of community within the development, rather than isolating the homes in darkness.

When significant movement is detected – a vehicle or a pedestrian – the unit switches to 100 percent output, giving enough light to identify hazards on the accessway and plenty of light to deter unwanted activity. Because the unit dims quickly when people leave the area, the accessway is not lit all night with an unnecessary level of light.

By choosing a solar solution on this site HNZ didn’t need to run cable to the light fittings and they don’t have to pay for power. The Leadsun solar street light, with its dimming and presence detection, gives the residents all-night security without over-lighting their homes and surroundings.

The crisp light makes it easy to identify people and obstacles on the access-way.