Yinnar Solar Footpath


Yinnar Solar Footpath

“Community-led projects like this really demonstrate the benefits of transitioning to renewable energy, not only for the community but also in building a sustainable energy future for us all” – Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio.

For over ten years the community had identified lighting the one-kilometre path from the towns centre to their recreation reserve as a high priority project.

Safety concerns about people walking home next to a dark country road, particularly in the winter months, had always been a significant concern. However, the lighting would also allow the community to expand the use of their facilities.

Reticulated lighting was just too expensive and needed to be installed entirely, whereas solar-powered lights offered a cheaper, more flexible solution in which poles could be installed individually as funding became available.

The community association raised an impressive $20,000 for the solar pathway lights and was supported by the Latrobe City Council who contributed a further $20,000. The Latrobe Valley Authority granted a Community and Facility Fund worth $120,000 to complete the project in a single install.

Leadsun on Ticker News

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Leadsun on Ticker News

Street lighting assets around the world are being transformed with smart technologies to deliver increased safety, efficiency, productivity, and services. Leadsun’s FREEDOM urban solar lights are an integral part of this transformation.

Until now, our cities have relied on 19th-century grid-powered lighting systems. These have inflexible positioning and are costly to install due to extensive trenching and cabling, plus unpredictable, ongoing energy costs.

Leadusn’s Managing Director Matt Pollard recently had a chat with Ticker News about the environmental benefits that these street lights provide and how they are making a positive impact on the environments they illuminate.

This next-generation street lighting platform is supplied SMART CITY READY with remote monitoring and endless possibilities to connect IOT devices such as air quality sensors, pedestrian and vehicle counters, cameras, duress-button, Wi-Fi access points, and more. 

These stylish, future-proofed lighting solutions are perfect for lighting streets, footpaths, parks, recreational areas, green space, car parks, and public venues.

In 2018, Leadsun formed a landmark partnership with a leading USA property developer who has successfully installed over 1,000 wireless controlled and monitored FREEDOM solar streetlights throughout two Master Planned Communities in Florida, with many more to be installed in the coming years.

10 News Coverage – The future of residential street lighting

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Australian solar technology is leading the world

The future of street lighting has now arrived! Leadsun is excited to finally announce the launch of our FREEDOM series, which is a SMART urban solar lighting solution designed for communities of the 21st century.

After more than three years of development in Melbourne, Leadsun has partnered with a leading developer of Master-planned communities in Florida, USA. Leadsun’s FREEDOM solar lights were chosen to help transform their new residential developments into the world’s smartest and most modern residential communities. So far, over 1000 lights have been successfully installed with a further 10,000 solar street lights locked-in to be deployed over the next few years.

Now is the time for progressive Australian residential property developers to utilise this new grid-free street lighting technology that has full wireless connectivity capabilities, DARK SKY compliance, and is future-proofed to power smart city devices like CCTV, public Wi-Fi access points, and more.

Click here to learn more > http://bit.ly/SMART-Urban-Lighting

Solar Tree

Solar Tree

A Big Idea!

Leadsun was invited to partner with City of Melbourne’s Industrial Design Team to create a modern, innovative and sustainable outdoor sculpture by converging Leadsun’s proprietary ‘All-In-One’ Solar + Battery + LED technologies into a spectacular tree-like sculpture that also demonstrates that we can power and light out cities with solar energy.

The Solar Tree is a big idea by Leadsun to help demonstrate City of Melbourne’s ambitious target to become carbon neutral.

The tree provides the community with a place to rest, recharge their mobile devices whilst promoting a positive social impact ensuring our public spaces are Smarter, Sustainable and Safer by harnessing the sun’s energy in a practical and functional way.

Did you know that although cities only cover 2% of earth’s landmass, they use nearly 80% of earth’s primary energy sources? Further to this, the biggest contributor to a municipality’s source of carbon emissions is from grid-connected public lighting infrastructure.

While our cities transition to renewable energy to replace existing fossil fuel electricity, the Solar Tree demonstrates the importance that collectively we must take simple steps to reduce our energy usage, not just in our homes and businesses but also in open public areas that require public lighting.

Honouring indigenous natural heritage

The Solar Tree isn’t just about technology, it’s also about sustainability and honouring the traditional and distinct nature of our municipality’s natural heritage by using reclaimed indigenous timber for the circular wooden seat located at its trunk.

The indigenous timber is selected by the local government and then hand-crafted and treated to look vibrant and elegant. It’s an important design element of the Solar Tree as it brings together both ‘nature & technology’ and the ‘past & the future’ all into one unique functional system.

Convenient meeting hub

The Solar Tree  is a great landmark and place to meet. With the timber seat able to accommodate three people, the Solar Tree has a convenient  three-way built-in USB charger at it’s trunk inviting users and visitors to sit under the solar panels and charge their smart devices 24 hours a day for free!

Technical Specifications

The Solar Tree utilises Leadsun’s innovative and proprietary ‘All-In-One’ solar-powered energy systems. The entire system features a combination of three 80W ‘Solar-Engines’ that collects and captures energy from the sun into the built-in Lithium-Ion batteries to then power the LED lights & USB chargers.

The energy produced from the Solar Engines is then distributed through its branches into ultra-efficient LED lighting fixtures featuring a motion-sensor and dimming capabilities. The Solar Tree  provides a beacon of light throughout the evening for safety, whilst demonstrating new-energy technologies through it’s USB charging station located at it’s base.

See it Live

The Solar Tree provides the perfect opportunity for municipalities to uniquely demonstrate their ambition for social & environmental leadership to the public as well showcasing new-energy technologies into public spaces & pop-up parks powered by the limitless energy of the sun.

Experience the power for yourself and charge your phone in safety under the lights of the Solar Tree located in the beautiful grounds of Birrarung Marr. The lights illuminate the granite sand and provides a warm inviting glow for the community to use the Solar Tree in the evening.

Princes Highway Shared Path Lights Up


Princes Highway Shared Path Lights Up

This will give you a warm glow – new solar lighting along the Geelong Road (Princes Highway) shared path between Westleigh Drive and Anne Street is now complete.

The $135,000 Wyndham City project will provide good lighting levels and energy efficiency along the path, making it easier and safer for residents to use after dark.

Wyndham City Iramoo Ward Councillor, Mia Shaw, said these works were particularly important since residents have been confined to only exercising within 5km of their home as part of COVID-19 stage four restrictions.

“The Geelong Road (Princes Highway) shared path is a popular route for the local community, and this important project will give residents more confidence when walking, running, cycling or scooting along this path after dark – while observing the current curfew,” Cr Shaw said.

“This project came about after Westleigh Gardens residents brought the need for lighting along the path to Council’s attention, and I’d like to thank those residents for highlighting this need and helping to achieve this great outcome.”

“These works align with the recently adopted Wyndham Active Transport Strategy 2020, which acknowledges the importance of providing a connected city through the delivery of new footpaths and shared user paths to support walking, cycling, scooting and all forms of active travel.”

“Footpaths and shared paths are important, not only for exercise and wellbeing, but also for commuting and providing access to public transport, offering residents an alternative to car travel.”

“Since adopting the strategy, Council officers have wasted no time completing a full audit of path networks across our city to confirm the location of missing links, and have been developing roll-out plans to begin bridging gaps.”

“It is proposed that construction of the first packages will commence in the coming weeks, once stage four restrictions are eased.”

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This story is just one in our collective experience that demonstrates yet again why our brand promise at Leadsun is Always Dependable, and why we stand by it.

Leadsun is bringing SMART public lighting into all Australian municipalities – easily, affordably and efficiently. If you are looking for a dependable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solar lighting solution to enhance your community’s public spaces, get in touch with us today.

Housing New Zealand – Solar street lighting

Housing New Zealand E

Housing New Zealand – Solar street lighting

  • Project: Communal accessway lighting
  • Location: Auckland

Housing New Zealand’s challenge is to provide housing for the nation’s most vulnerable people in a way that’s safe, healthy, sustainable, and cost-effective. The Leadsun solar street light is helping to meet those needs.

This HNZ development on Auckland’s North Shore is one of many new communities using solar lighting.

In this development the shared accessway serves as vehicle access to multiple homes and is also used by pedestrians, including visitors to the community and small children at play. Safety and security is paramount.

As well as being off-grid, the solar street light conserves its own power by dimming down to 30% when no-one is around. This still provides enough background light to maintain a sense of security The low light on the accessways also helps to maintain a sense of community within the development, rather than isolating the homes in darkness.

When significant movement is detected – a vehicle or a pedestrian – the unit switches to 100 percent output, giving enough light to identify hazards on the accessway and plenty of light to deter unwanted activity. Because the unit dims quickly when people leave the area, the accessway is not lit all night with an unnecessary level of light.

By choosing a solar solution on this site HNZ didn’t need to run cable to the light fittings and they don’t have to pay for power. The Leadsun solar street light, with its dimming and presence detection, gives the residents all-night security without over-lighting their homes and surroundings.

The crisp light makes it easy to identify people and obstacles on the access-way.

Kokoda Track Foundation


Leadsun & the Kokoda Track Foundation, ready for the partnership to help shine a light on PNG!

Leadsun is proud to announce a Collective Energy(c) Initiative with the Kokoda Track Foundation www.ktf.ngo after our Managing Director Matt Pollard recently undertook the Kokoda Track journey and also explored some exciting projects to help light-up communities surrounding the Kokoda Track in PNG.

During Matt’s visit to PNG, he learned that a staggering 87% of Papua New Guineans still don’t have access to grid electricity infrastructure and most villages are pitch black at night. But rest assured; Help is on the way and so far more than 3,000 indoor solar lighting kits have already been delivered & installed throughout 30 PNG Villages as part of KTF’s initiatives to provide lighting in people’s homes.

Leadsun will be further supporting the ‘Kokoda Track Foundation’ with their ambitious Livelihood Project https://lnkd.in/gJUT8-N which seeks to build new community learning centres throughout the Kokoda Track region, and also provide them with access to solar-powered light and power systems which will help enable further education for young people and a better chance of a brighter future!

Residents around Australian Urban Forest safer thanks to lighting reality


Residents around Australian urban forest safer thanks to lighting reality

Residents and visitors in and around an area of Urban Forest in New South Wales, Australia, are feeling safer thanks to a new lighting plan created and implemented by Leadsun, using the latest software from UK-based Lighting Reality.

Camden Council in New South Wales wanted to install a new solar lighting system along a 150m stretch of its urban forest in Narellan, in order to deter loitering, reduce vandalism, and provide a safe walking route for local residents.

Solar power lighting specialist, Leadsun Australia, took on the project with the mission of creating a well-lit and safe walkway for pedestrians, while also ensuring that the forest wildlife and surrounding homes were not negatively impacted.

Leadsun, first established in 2005, is a leading lighting manufacturer committed to innovation and intelligent eco-friendly solutions. They specialize in safe, smart, and sustainable lighting for the future.

Gordon Manzione, a business development manager for Leadsun, said: “We used Lighting Reality PRO to place five freestanding 10W LED solar lights every 30m along the pathway, while three picnic shelters were illuminated with 5W link lights.

“The system was powered by remote AE3S80W solar engines circuited to each of the shelters, and the resulting consistency of lighting is very good with no ‘black’ spots along the pathway.

“The urban forest also features a unique light timing sequence where they dim down to 30% brightness after five hours from dusk and are then operated by a motion detector until dawn.

“Not only is the amount of measured vandalism down, but locals are also very happy with the new lighting which helps them to feel safer when walking to and from their local shops.”

Bewdley-based developer Lighting Reality provides software that allows designers to create lighting projects for all manner of exterior environments, in a fraction of the time that it takes other competing lighting design software.

Rachel Green, the marketing coordinator for Lighting Reality, said: “With the fantastic work by Leadsun’s project designers and their specialist products, the urban forest area is now a much safer route for all. This is a great example of a challenging project that has been assisted by Lighting Reality software, and really shows the applications ability to be applied in a wide range of outdoor environments.”
The Lighting Realty PRO software supports all major international standards and is constantly evolved as these standards are upgraded.

First launched in 2001, Lighting Reality PRO is now used by around 97.5% of British councils, and the company estimates that around 90% of exterior lighting engineers in the UK own a copy.

Lighting up the Rail Trail


Lighting up the Rail Trail

The Rail Trail Illumination Project, which received $198,000 through the State Government’s Pick My Project community grant initiative, will soon get underway.

The Project will see 48 solar lights installed along the Bass Coast Rail Trail, including in the car park and community space behind Apex Park, between McKenzie Street and South Dudley Road. The design and fabrication work has been finalised and the contractor will start work on the installation of the lights from Monday, 14 October with work to be completed before Christmas.

Once installed, the lights will operate at full brightness from dusk for five hours and will then operate dimmed for another three hours. If movement is detected while the lights are dimmed, the built in internal sensors will trigger the light to full brightness for 30 seconds.

Local residents, Karen Thorp and Max Richter submitted the application for the Illumination Project to the Pick My Project initiative.

“The State Government’s initiative opened up the opportunity for us to put this Project out there and we are thrilled that it received enough support to be funded,” Karen said.

“The whole community is excited about it – they have had a say, and now it’s about to happen.”

Bass Coast Mayor, Cr Brett Tessari, said it was fantastic to see work starting on the Project, which will benefit not just trail users, but the whole town.

“Once installed, these lights will improve visibility at night, increase overall access and convenience, give Trail users a sense of security and increase the opportunity for physical exercise,” Cr Tessari said.

Member for Bass, Jordan Crugnale said, “This is an Andrews Labor government initiative where individuals and groups with brilliant ideas have brought their projects to life, supported by their community, all to make their local area better in some way.

“I want to thank Karen Thorp and everyone involved in this wonderful project where an old rail trail meets with new energy, giving everyone better visibility and activating a much loved path through Wonthaggi.”

Work will be carried out between 7.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday (unless otherwise advised) and pedestrian and traffic control measures will be in place throughout the duration of the works.

Council appreciates the patience of the community while this work is underway and the contractor will make every effort to minimise disruptions to trail users and others impacted by the works.