Can You Transition From Grid Lighting To Solar Lighting In Recreational Spaces?

Can You Transition From Grid Lighting To Solar Lighting In Recreational Spaces?

Local councils all over Australia are finding more and more ways to integrate solar street lighting into their development plans. Solar lights are an easy, cost-effective way to provide lighting in public areas without disturbing the rest of the landscape. They contribute to ambience and safety, and do so in a way that is environmentally and economically friendly. Increased public lighting promotes physical activity and community building, which are both essential to public health. 

As traditional grid lighting has been the norm for some time now, there is understandable hesitation associated with abandoning a ‘tried and true’ method for a newer alternative. However, many councils and communities have successfully made the transition from traditional grid lighting to grid-free solar lighting thanks to the SMART solar products and services offered by Leadsun. 

A lot of parks and recreation areas don’t have up to date lighting, as they were built in a time when grid lighting was the only option. This is not the case anymore, and Leadsun are proud to offer simple solutions to public lighting problems. 

Solar Street Lights in Dog Parks

Dog parks are a common feature of most Australian towns. They give pet-owners wide open spaces where their furry friends can socialise and exercise, while they do the same. They’re especially common in urban areas, such as cities. Prime time for dog walking occurs in the morning and early evening, before or after work. It’s dark during these times, and it’s even darker come winter-time. Lighting is essential to keep these areas bustling, the pets in shape, and their owners safe. Solar street lights positioned in parking areas, around entrances and exits, or surrounding the entire perimeter of the park are an ideal way to offer security to the early birds and night owls that are just trying to let their dog stretch its legs!

Solar Street Lights in Nature Parks

Nature parks are designed to highlight the beautiful Australian flora and fauna. The aim of the game is to avoid disturbing the natural environment. This means that very few nature parks get lighting, which means they are infrequently visited at night, and if they are visited after dark then they can be dangerous. Using grid lighting would require the digging of disruptive, destructive and unsighly trenches, which would almost certainly cause an upset to the local flora amf fauna. Solar street lights don’t require this kind of trenching. Leadsun lights are installed with complete simplicity, and feature in-built batteries. They require no digging and provide very little disturbance to the environment. As long as you can avoid having their panels shaded by the tree canopy, solar street lights can provide gentle illumination on an as-needed basis, for the benefit of the community and the animals that live there. 

Solar Street Lights on Walking Trails

Solar street lighting is a particularly popular choice when it comes to local walking tracks. These can be high foot-traffic areas that many members of the community would like to be able to use at any time. When they do so, they need to feel as though they are safe and secure as they get their exercise. Providing warm and consistent illumination is a simple way to do that, and off-grid solar lighting offers councils a way to do this anywhere with ease. Gone are the days of digging trenches to connect new lights to the grid. Using solar street lights on walking trails are a great example of public lighting promoting physical activity, and therefore public health. 

Solar Street Lights in Playgrounds

Many parents enjoy taking their child to the playground after they are finished with work and school. During winter time, it can get dark quickly, and illumination becomes a necessity. Playgrounds have also been known to act as hotspots for loitering and vandalism, and providing lighting at night is a great way to ensure that communities and law enforcement are able to maintain the integrity of their local playgrounds. Adding solar street lights to playgrounds in your council area gives security and enjoyment to the younger members of your community, and their parents. You won’t have to worry about the park being unavailable for long, inconvenient stretches of time, because off-grid solar from Leadsun is installed so easily. 

Leadsun Solar Street Lights

With lighting systems that gather energy during the day, turn on during the night, and adjust themselves based on how many people are around, it doesn’t get much easier or affordable. Can you transition from grid lighting to solar lighting in recreational spaces? The simple answer is yes.

Leadsun are leading the charge towards happier, safer, and more active Australian communities. Over 130 councils have already worked with us and installed solar street lighting in their public spaces. With our efficient installation and seamless lighting management via our EDGE wireless control system, thousands of council officers, councillors and their constituents are learning what a difference Leadsun solar street lights can make in their lives. Contact us today for more information, or to discuss your next solar street lighting project.