Bunjil Place Council Building

A few months ago, the Bunjil Place Council Building and the Fountain Gate Shopping Centre were not interconnected after dusk, creating difficulties for people who wanted to go from one place to another. In the lead, up to Christmas the Casey Council expressed a desire to light the pathways that interconnect the Community Hub with the Shopping Centre before the Christmas Holiday period commenced.

Faced with a tight deadline for completion, Leadsun formulated a work methodology to deliver the project on time and allow the city of Casey to open to the public before the Christmas period.

The dedicated lighting design was created after the initial site preparations, and the Electro Scanning and DBYD Protocols. The Leadsun designed 16 Off-Grid Intelligent Solar Systems with AE3 80w Panels, LSRM12 LED Light head modules and 5.5m two-piece medium duty structural steel poles.

The Installation team complete in 2 days timeframe the 16 Pole foundations, Panel and Light Fittings, causing minimal disruption to nearby workplaces and pedestrian traffic. Two days before the due date Leadsun handover to the City of Casey the Leadsun products through a simple on-site meeting and display.

Since the opening, the Council is confident of a much Safer and Environmentally Sustainable infrastructure. Now the thoroughfare that links the beautiful architecture of the Bunjil Place Council Building and the very busy Fountain Gate Shopping Centre is a safer place after dusk.

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