Bendigo solar Showcase – Kieran McGrane

Bendigo Solar Showcase

We were honoured to be invited to participate in Bendigo Solar Showcase organised by Victorian DELWP and listen to excellent presenters, panel discussions and meet the attendees. The event focused on initiatives for carbon neutral and sustainable industries in Loddon Mallee region where they’re leading the charge on renewables. The nearby Kangaroo Flat Bushland reserve that’s lit with Leadsun’s grid-free smart solar lights is a great example of how we can contribute.

Transcript – 

Hello everybody, I’m Kieran, from Leadsun Australia. We're a Victorian company that helps councils and developers create evening friendly public spaces. Making them safer and more secure with SMART solar public lighting. If you would like to see one of our projects, Kangaroo Flat bushland reserve, which is just like four or five minutes away, the pathways around the lake and the creek are lit by our solar lights. The lights they're sustainable, dark sky compliant, they're very easily deploy, they’re a breeze to install, they’re the economical, they've got smart and technologies built into them, so they’re programmable. They can be monitored through the web. If you'd like to speak to us about and lighting up, your public spaces, come and have a chat with us at our table next door. Thanks very much.