Are SMART Solar Street Lights Better For The Environment?

Are SMART Solar Street Lights Better For The Environment?

As things currently stand, between thirty and sixty percent of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from local governments can be attributed to on-grid electrical street lights. As sustainability continues to become more of a priority for councils, reducing emissions figures also becomes increasingly important. 

Installing Leadsun’s SMART solar street lights over traditional grid-reliant street lights can help local governments reduce their carbon footprint. This article will discuss the ways in which SMART solar street lighting can protect your community’s environment, and reduce your carbon footprint.

S M A R T – Sustainable Modern Adaptable Robust Technology

Solar Street Lights Are Off The Grid

Solar street lighting doesn’t use the grid to get its power. Coal has powered about 75% of Australia’s electricity needs, and this produces an immense amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

By using energy from the sun that can be stored, our street lights stay lit without the need for CO2 emissions produced by traditional coal powered power plants. Solar energy is renewable, coal is not. Leadsun are at the leading edge of energy efficiency and sustainability. 

Solar Street Light Installation Is Environmentally Friendly

Our EZYfoot concreteless footings require no concrete nor excavations. With EZYfoot our poles can be installed in as little as forty-five minutes, with as few as two people. And the local environment where the solar street lights stand experiences minimal disruption and destruction. This means that native flora and fauna avoid stress and dispersion that can occur with on-grid street lights, which require significant amounts of trench-digging to run numerous cables and excavations for the pole foundations. Leadsun solar street lights impose minimal disruption to the geological landscape.

Solar Street Lights Are Gentle On Wildlife

Thanks to Leadsun’s EDGE wireless monitoring system and PIR motion sensing technology, our solar street lights never output more light than is strictly necessary at any given time. This means that they provide the maximum possible benefit to humans, while disrupting the lifestyle and circadian rhythms of wild animals and insects as little as possible. You are in control of the level of light that your solar street lights output, and can ensure that it is optimised to suit the needs of your community – both the people and the critters that call your neighbourhood home! 

What’s more, Leadsun solar street lights are International Dark-Sky Association compliant, and have been designed to contribute as little light pollution as possible. This doesn’t just result in more beautiful sights of clear night skies for people in your community, but provides a benefit to any birds or insects that navigate by way of the night sky. 

Leadsun Solar Street Lights

Leadsun are proud to be at the forefront of the charge towards safer, more sustainable, more environmentally friendly Australian communities. We have more than 130 councils already working with us using our solar street lighting in their public spaces. Contact us today for more information on the environmental benefits of our SMART solar lights, or to discuss your next solar street lighting project.