Community safety and attractive urban for citizens and visitors are critical challenges for Leadsun.

We can achieve this by minimising the opportunity for crime and creating safer, accessible and livable places that encourage community participation and enjoyment. Leadsun systems and solutions maximise visibility and surveillance of the public environment. We believe that when there are ‘eyes on the street’ or ‘natural surveillance’ from passers-by, and if public places are overlooked from adjoining buildings, people feel safer and potential offenders feel exposed. Natural surveillance is one of the primary aids for crime prevention and at Leadsun we work no stop to make our global-class lighting systems accessible to all municipalities and communities, no exemption.

Enhance Your Community

Installing powered area lights has traditionally been very expensive and can disrupt a community with the digging of trenches and the laying of electrical cables.

Increase Safety and Trading Hours

As Australia’s leading Solar Power and Lighting Technology company, LEADSUN is able to provide you with a complete range of safety and security solar lighting options

Protect What Matters

Leadsun have always been associated with protection. But just like energy systems and infrastructure has changed over the years.

Intuitive Lighting

Where there is darkness; LEADSUN bring’s efficient & predicative light for everyone.

Power Your Ideas

The company now has representation in all states and consists of a strong and proactive management structure coupled with a skilled team of technical professionals.


AE2 Product Range

The AE2 series is the worlds very first and Leadsun’s 3rd generation ‘All in One’ solar lighting system that has been designed to offer extremely cost-effective illumination for a wide range of small to medium sized applications.

AE3 Product Range

Introducing Leadsun’s latest AE3 series which retains the ‘All-In-One’ features of the AE2 range but technologically advanced providing a more powerful system on a larger scale.

AE6 Product Range

With its light weight and powerful Lithium Iron batteries conveniently located under the solar panel, the AE6 series is extremely versatile for a wide range of lighting and power applications as both solar panel and light head can be positioned…