Solar street lighting

Pathways are essential for improving walkability and encouraging active transport. Lighting these pathways ensures that these pathways can be safely used into the night. 


Angliss Reserve solar lighting

Car parks are a staple in urban and suburban landscapes, however these areas often elicit safety concerns after dark. Solar car park lighting can alleviate both safety and environmental concerns.


Marie Wallace Park solar pathway lighting

Solar-powered recreation lighting for parks, sporting facilities and outdoor gyms brings communities together and offers an sustainable means of lighting.


Solar Tree Melbourne

Solar lights are not only functional and safety-enhancing, but can also act as a centrepiece of an area. Our bespoke solar lighting solutions light up a space in more ways than one! 


Epperson Estate solar lighting

Solar street lights offer a dependendable and sustainable alternative to expensive and environmentally destructive grid power whilst enhancing residential safety and neighbourhood walkability.


solar street lighting

Roads can be particularly treacherous at night due to low visibility, therefore solar lighting can facilitate road safety for drivers and pedestrians alike.


Australian Open solar lighting

Temporary solar lighting is perfect for events, periods of construction or periods of high foot traffic. This solar solution is easy, safe and sustainable. 


Rangeview Primary School solar bollards

Solar bollards are perfect for a variety of applications – these lights provide safety-enhancing and sustainable illumination without the overhead!

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