The cost of ‘traditional grid’ electricity continues to rise as the ‘system’ gouges you, the consumer, we are seeing unprecedented demand for Solar Lighting & Power Solutions.

LEADSUN’s LED adaptive lighting technology increases light in public areas, and can be customised, making it the perfect solution for:

• Pathways & Parks

• Street & Roadway

• Car Parks

• Open Spaces

Promote Visibility

Community safety and attractive urban for citizens and visitors are critical challenges for Leadsun.

Enhance Your Community

Installing powered area lights has traditionally been very expensive and can disrupt a community with the digging of trenches and the laying of electrical cables.

Increase Safety and Trading Hours

As Australia’s leading Solar Power and Lighting Technology company, LEADSUN is able to provide you with a complete range of safety and security solar lighting options

Protect What Matters

Leadsun have always been associated with protection. But just like energy systems and infrastructure has changed over the years.

Intuitive Lighting

Where there is darkness; LEADSUN bring’s efficient & predicative light for everyone.

Power Your Ideas

The company now has representation in all states and consists of a strong and proactive management structure coupled with a skilled team of technical professionals.