Road and traffic safety is paramount in all urban, suburban and rural areas. Leadsun’s solar road lights are ideal for increasing safety and visibility on poorly lit roads, intersections and crossings for drivers and pedestrians alike. 

Safety for motorists and pedestrians is paramount on residential and rural roads. Illuminating these areas using sustainable solar lighting helps draw people’s attention to important traffic control measures such as pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, intersections, and adjoining pathways. SMART solar lighting is a perfect solution for streets and roads as there is no underground cabling required that would pose a significant risk to existing underground power and communication infrastructure. 


For all solar road safety lighting projects, Leadsun provides:  

  • Extended 10 year battery guarantee for qualifying local government projects
  • Fast installation times, as solar street lights do not require power cables
  • Complimentary on-site compliance lighting audit
  • Complimentary tailored Isolux plot lighting design

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