Pathways are the lifeblood of active transport; encouraging all to walk and/or cycle to their destinations. However, wouldn’t it be fantastic if these pathways could be used by more people no matter the time of day? Leadsun’s solar pathway lights simply bring the light of day into the night using the power of the sun, helping create safer, more active communities.

Pathways are becoming more and more popular. Not only do they encourage more active transport, they support the health and wellbeing of communities. Leadsun’s solar pathway lighting is the sustainable solution for safer and more inviting walkways and pathways. Our advanced, sustainable solar pathway lighting technology enables local governments and councils to create ambient community spaces with increased activity and engagement, bringing public places to life after dark. 


For all pathway solar lighting projects, Leadsun provides: 

  • Extended 10-year battery guarantee for qualifying local government projects 
  • Fast installation times, as solar pathway lights require neither trenching nor any power cables
  • Complimentary on-site compliance lighting audit
  • Complimentary tailored Isolux plot lighting design

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