Decorative SMART Solar Lighting


Decorative SMART Solar Lighting

solar decorative lighting

Who says you can't decorate without being environmentally conscious?

Sustainable, festive, and year-round novelty lighting brings communities together
for evening leisure. 

Solar decorative lights are perfect for transforming outdoor areas into vibrant festive spaces! Leadsun harnesses the power of the sun to illuminate these beloved lights, sustainably creating cheerful ambience and welcoming communities to gather after sunset. These are the perfect lights for Christmas and beyond to keep the crowds coming! Here are some local councils who are doing just that.


Illuminating small town charm.

The small town of Avoca is primarily known for its proximity to award-winning wineries, however it is also home to a quaint Chinese Garden. The newly installed festoon lights warmly welcome residents and visitors to the garden and encourage visitors to explore the rest of this charming Gold Rush era town.


Beachside walkway illuminated in time for summer.

40 meters of solar powered fairy lights were installed as part of an overall outdoor refurbishment on Owen Street, a popular pedestrian street connecting the beach to local establishments. The festoon lights and the newly reinstated outdoor furniture encourages beachgoers to explore Mordialloc’s food, fashion and fun after the summer sun sets.


Festive lighting enhances commuter experience.

Located at the entrance of Boronia train station and home to a plethora of local establishments, Lupton Way is an extremely popular destination for commuters and residents alike. The installation of festoon lights welcomes commuters to Boronia and enhances the visual aesthetics of the area, whilst enhancing safety and walkability.


A tree grows in Melbourne.

On the bank of the Yarra River, outside the ArtPlay museum, sits Melbourne’s first Solar Tree, illuminating the picturesque Princes Walk. The ‘roots’ of the solar tree also serve as a seating area, offering illumination and relaxation for weary city souls. The Princes Walk is also a popular pathway for tennis lovers making their way to and from the Australian Open.


Sun, surf & solar tree!

The Mornington waterfront is home to a gorgeous beach, friendly local eateries and a brand new Leadsun solar tree. The tree’s branches house 90W solar engines and 10W LED lights, providing night-time illumination for beachgoers eager to soak in the salty sea air after sunset. The roots of the solar tree also accommodate seating and mobile charging, so there’s no reason not to take a trip to Mornington and visit the Solar Tree!

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